Best Alberta Trails for Your Next Buzzed Trip

Aug 04, 2021

If there’s anything Canada is known for aside from legal recreational cannabis, it’s the beauty of its great outdoors. There’s nothing like enjoying the scenery on a trail and fully immersing yourself in nature (while high, of course). Alberta boasts quite a number of hiking trails to enjoy by foot or bicycle, and it makes for a fun activity after smoking your favourite strain. 

Smokey’s has compiled a list of the best Alberta hiking trails to visit if you’re looking for scenic physical activity after your next session. Whether you like to take it all in and walk slowly, ride a bicycle, or race to the top of a peak, there’s a trail that’s fit for your buzz. After checking out this list, head on over to our shop to see our list of strains that offer an uplifting, energetic high perfect for these trails! 

The Best Hiking Trails in Alberta for Walking 

Alberta hiking trails are diverse and full of natural beauty, which is why a lot of people prefer hiking at a slower pace by foot. If you’re one of those people, here are some of the best Alberta hiking trails that will fulfill your wilderness itch. 

Grassi Lakes 

A short picturesque trail in Canmore, Grassi Lakes is popular among more laid-back trailers who want an easy experience. Grassi Lakes is one of the easiest hiking trails in Alberta, and is often recommended to beginners and families because of its slight incline, with an elevation of 203 metres. At the end of the trail, you will be greeted by amazing views of turquoise blue waters and tall trees. 

A picturesque trail in Alberta

Bear’s Hump

A quick 2.8 kilometre hike in Waterton, Bear’s Hump offers a breathtaking view of the lake and the town below it. Truly an Instagram-worthy view, it’s not only easy to walk along the 225 metre incline, but it’s also easy to create magical memories hiking Bear’s Hump just with your camera and your buzz! 

Tunnel Mountain (Banff) 

Banff’s Tunnel Mountain trail has been around for a long time, making it an easy-access choice for anyone looking for a quick and hassle-free escape. Tunnel Mountain is considered one of the most well-loved Alberta hiking trails, simply because of its stunning views. You can finish this walking trail in two to three hours, depending on how slow or fast you want to go. 

The Best Alberta Hiking Trails for Biking 

If you always yearn for some exercise on your mountain bike after you’ve toked, then trying these Alberta hiking trails for biking should be on top of your adventure bucket list! 

Terwillegar Park West Loop Trail 

A considerably easy mountain bike trail, the Terwillegar Park West Loop trail is ideal for those who don’t have advanced or expert-level biking experience. When you do this trail on your mountain bike, the loop offers a perfect combination of chill and active, which is usually the effect one gets from consuming hybrid strains

Highwood Pass 

The 47.2 mile trail is one of the most famous Alberta hiking trails, as it is considered to be the country’s most scenic driving route. The picturesque views of snowy mountains paired with the wide paved road is a dream for bikers and drivers alike. You can toke up on an indica-dominant hybrid for a slow bike ride along this trail for the most pleasurable experience. 

The Best Alberta Hiking Trails for Advanced Hikers 

For some, fast-paced hiking to the top of a peak while buzzed is the perfect combination. There are studies stating that consuming cannabis before exercising can improve focus and mindfulness and could make your sweaty hike an enjoyable affair. 

Here are some advanced Alberta hiking trails for more experienced individuals looking to get some fresh air. 

Moose Mountain Trail

This 13.8 kilometre hiking trail is located near Kananaskis Improvement and is abundant with wildflowers and rare plants. Go bird-watching before you reach the summit that offers a 360-degree view of the surroundings. With an elevation gain of 766 metres, expect to keep your stability and patience as you walk through the trails. Toke up on strains that improve and enhance focus, such as Hindu Kush. The best thing about this trail? You can even take your furry friend as long as they’re tied up on a leash. 

Great Divide Trail 

This strenuous 55 kilometre Alberta hiking trail can offer you many experiences, especially those in the form of a total workout and dramatic landscapes. Half of its route is situated above the trees, with animals such as mountain lions, wolves, and woodland caribou living just around the area. This is one of the most famous Alberta hiking trails, so make sure you book a slot in advance before you plan on doing this trip. 

Dried cannabis flowers

Replenish Your Stash Before Journeying Into These Alberta Hiking Trails! 

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