The Best Pre and Post-Workout Strains

Nov 26, 2021

Cannabis users have long been depicted as “slackers,” but all that has changed since legalization took place. Research and development on the health benefits of cannabis have been utilized for active individuals like athletes and those who regularly engage in high-performance activities such as workouts. 

No matter what the consumption method is, cannabis can provide certain effects that can be beneficial for working out. 

In this post, Smokey’s has compiled a list of the best workout strains before and after you engage in exercise routines.  

Can The Best Workout Strains Really Improve Exercise? 

We understand that some are still skeptical about the benefits of cannabis for exercising and improving stamina. To clear things up, there have been extensive studies and research specifically conducted to find out if toking can actually improve exercise performance. 

An example is a study conducted in 2019 published by the University of Colorado-Boulder that surveyed 600 cannabis consumers residing in legalized states about their exercise routines. The research revealed that the “average cannabis consumer” has more will to exercise compared to non-cannabis users. 

The data presented in the research also suggested that when cannabis is consumed approximately an hour before, or within four hours of sweating it out, the individual reported an average of 43 minutes more exercise per week, compared to those who didn’t partake in cannabis-related activities before hitting the gym. 

Another study in a 2014 journal published in the U.S. National Library of Medicine revealed that those who use cannabis tend to have lower body mass indexes and were reported to have lower risks for obesity compared to those who don’t consume. 

Now that we have cleared the claims, let’s start enumerating the best workout strains to consume before you sweat it out!

The Best Workout Strains Before Starting Your Workout 

Dried cannabis flowers and gold-plated rolling papers

Sour Diesel 

Being a sativa strain, Sour Diesel is known to improve focus and provide an energy boost, making it perfect as a pre-workout strain. Originating from Chemdawg and Super Skunk, this well-loved strain also offers a dreamy, cerebral effect that can make stretching feel extra pleasurable. Grab this 3.5 gram pack of Sour Diesel dried flowers to give it a shot!

Durban Poison 

Another pure sativa strain, this aromatic and pungent strain originating from South Africa is famous for its uplifting effects that will keep you pumped up for a workout. Aside from its reputation as one of the best workout strains, Durban Poison can also enhance creativity and focus. 


True to its name, this sativa-dominant strain will put you in a jolted, headbanging mood to exercise. The Headbanger strain is characterized by dark green, purplish buds with orange pistils and abundant trichomes. Its sweet aroma is an added bonus, making it a pleasure to inhale before you put on your workout clothes. 

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The Best Workout Strains After a Sweat Session 

Working out can cause strained and sore muscles to form. Cannabis has been researched to aid in muscle recovery, as THC and CBD are known to reduce sensations of pain through anti-inflammatory actions. This can be important in the recovery process after workouts when treating sore muscles. 

Here are the best workout strains after a tiring exercise session!

Blue Dream 

Blue Dream’s relaxing and calming effects make it one of the best workout strains out there. Producing a well-balanced buzz, this strain is known to physically relax and calm the body. This is exactly what you need after a tiring workout.  Aside from that, Blue Dream is famous for its sweet berry taste, and you can try it yourself with this pack of Blue Dream pre-rolls

Sweet Kush 

This potent strain is researched to be specifically beneficial for those experiencing muscle spasms and joint pain, making it perfect after a lot of heavy lifting or a strenuous exercise routine. A cross-breed of Sweet Tooth and the famous OG Kush, this strain is also known for tasting exactly like a lemon drop candy. 

Sour Girl 

Another potent strain, the Sour Girl is a cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Sour Diesel. Its set of effects include a calming body high and a sense of deep relaxation. Because of this, the strain is often prescribed for those experiencing chronic pain. If you’re feeling tired and mildly sore after doing your workout, then this pack of Sour Girl pre-rolls from our online shop can go down a treat.

Looking for the Best Workout Strains? 

Smokey’s can help you out. Browse our wide range of sativa-dominant flowers and pre-rolls to pump you up before a session, or look through our hybrid and indica strains to help you relax and soothe your muscles afterward. 

Visit any of our store locations to speak to our knowledgeable budtenders who can help you choose the best workout strains that best suit your needs. 

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