The Best Strains for Creativity

Oct 01, 2021

Have you ever felt creatively energized after toking up? You’re not alone. Cannabis consumption has long been associated as natural fuel for creative endeavors. Just look at the hundreds of songs, movies, and art inspired by the “sweet leaf.” Quite literally, there are countless personalities in popular culture that can vouch for its creativity-boosting properties.

In this post, Smokey’s will break down some of the best strains for creativity for you and your friends to try out.

The Science Behind the Best Strains for Creativity

So why does cannabis get you all fired up to finish creative tasks? Well, there is actually a neurological explanation for that. When one lights up, one of the effects is a stronger cerebral rush of blood to the frontal lobe, which is the creative epicenter of the brain. Because of this, smoking cannabis makes this part of the brain more active.

A report published in the Berkeley Medical Journal in 1992 states that the activity in the central frontal lobe was increased after smoking herb. The findings of these studies were later confirmed in 2002 by further research done by the Department of Neurology at Harvard Medical School. This increased blood flow sparks up creativity in two ways:

  • It activates the brain’s nucleus accumbens, which correlates to enhanced creativity; and
  • The increased frontal lobe activity augments what neuroscientists call “creative divergent thinking”.

Best Strains for Creativity

Now that you have understood how cannabis puts your mind on a creative drive, here are some of the best strains for creativity that we have in store.

A woman painting a picture


Created as a salute to the famous Tangerine Dream, this strain is hailed as one of the best strains for creativity, thanks to its high-THC content and rich terpene profile. Its sweet citrusy notes are not the only quality that makes this strain revered by many. It also offers a long-lasting sense of euphoria and sparked creativity mixed with a sense of calmness and awareness.

Read to find out everything there is to know about the Tangie strain, and why it is considered one of the best strains for creativity.

Jack Herer

This strain, which is also considered one of the best strains for creativity, has become as big of a legend as the cannabis advocate it is named after. The Jack Herer strain is a crossbreed of Haze, Northern Lights, and Shiva Skunk, and has inherited specific effects that intensify the yearning to do something creative. Characterized by light green buds and orange pistils, this Sativa-dominant strain is known to increase focus, making it perfect for finishing tasks.

If you’re up for a creatively induced, spirited buzz, grab these Jack Herer pre-rolls.

An artist holding a magnifying glass

Amnesia Haze

While the name can be misleading, this strain will not make you forget. In fact, this Sativa-dominant choice is recommended for those who usually have issues with being attentive. Its main effect, aside from an overwhelming feeling of happiness, improves one’s sense of focus, hence making it ideal for those with creative projects or tasks. This award-winning strain can be munchies-inducing, makes you communicative, and is ideal for daytime usage.

To learn more about the effects of Amnesia Haze and its origins, check out this blog.

Blue Dream

A child of the Haze Sativa and Blueberry Indica, this hybrid strain is known to get the creative juices flowing freely. It offers a cerebral high combined with a strong sense of relaxation that can be effective to ease the nerves. It is considered an ideal strain to consume during the day, as it can also make you feel energetic and active. Because of this, this strain is not only good for creative pursuits, it can also lead to more productive days when you have to finish other tasks.

Read this blog post if you want to gain in-depth knowledge about the Blue Dream strain, including its history, cultivation information, and other effects.


This fast-acting strain is a potent hybrid that contains 15 to 20% THC, with users often feeling a set of sharpened senses, including a huge boost of creativity. This pungent-smelling strain also has pain-relieving effects, and can easily stimulate imagination and ingenious thinking. For the non-experienced tokers, this strain can be a bit overwhelming because of its potency. If you’re hitting a mental block, then this strain for creativity is perfect for you. Grab some Chemdawg Ultra to feel an enhanced boost of creativity.

Sour Diesel

Coming from the Super Silver Haze lineage, the Sour Diesel strain truly belongs in this list of best strains for creativity. Often preferred by the creative type of tokers, this strain can ward off feelings of tiredness and can help get someone out of a creative rut. Its terpene profile features lemon, black pepper, and diesel, and provides a mentally stimulating effect that can be beneficial for those trying to gather inspiration to pursue a creative task, project, or idea.

Looking to Try These Best Strains for Creativity?

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