The Rise of Accessibility in the Cannabis Industry in Canada

Aug 02, 2021

Canada’s legalization of cannabis in 2018 opened the doors of accessibility to the cannabis industry. Whether consuming recreationally or for medicinal purposes, Canadian citizens have now been given the chance to purchase from legitimate dispensaries that offer a wide range of cannabis solutions to cater to all kinds of needs. 

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The Cannabis Industry and its Wide Range of Products 

The past couple of years saw an influx in innovations of many different types of cannabis products, which is a true testament to the rise and accessibility of this growing industry in order to cater to a variety of consumers. Before legalization, consumers would have to seek refuge and purchase through the black market. Not only is this dangerous, but studies show that strains purchased through unauthorized dealers can pose serious risks, especially to those who consume cannabis medicinally. 

As of 2020, there are more than 1,000 legal dispensaries in Canada, and the numbers continue to rise each month. 

Cannabis oil and capsules

Let’s look at some of the most common and fairly new cannabis products that are legal and available in dispensaries today. Truly, these products make the cannabis industry all the more accessible. 

Dried Flowers 

While there are plenty of new trendy cannabis products, dried flowers remain the most popular and affordable type. Also known to many as “bud,” or “herb,” the flower is the smokable part of the plant, which is dried and cured before it makes its way to the general public via dispensaries. Technologies and advances in cultivation allowed the birth of many new strains that are specifically consumed to get certain effects. This is particularly useful for medicinal purposes.


Edibles provide another stream of accessibility to a different set of consumers, as they are consumed without the need to smoke or purchase smoking accessories. Traditionally, cannabis edibles were merely limited to baked goods, as popularized by the classic “spiked brownie.” These days, cannabis-infused food comes in many forms, and is made with either cannabis flowers or concentrates. Some classic and modern edibles include:

Vapes, Extracts, and Concentrates 

Cannabis concentrates have gained popularity in the past few years simply because of their easy-to-consume method. Consumers who don’t feel comfortable with the extended buzz that edibles give can turn to concentrates as an alternative. These are made when excess plant material and other impurities are removed from the cannabis plant. As a result, cannabinoids and terpenes are left, creating a higher proportion compared to dried flowers. 

Types of concentrates include:

Topicals and Beauty Products

Perhaps one of the most obvious signs that the cannabis industry has truly thrived is the availability of cannabis-infused products under this category. Lotions, bath bombs, and rubs are getting trendier by the day, offering the effects of cannabis topically. 

In Numbers: The Rise of the Cannabis Industry in Canada 

Canadians are not only appeased by the legalization of cannabis, but we also make sure to support legal dispensaries for safety purposes. According to recent market data, more than 11.5 million packaged units of cannabis were sold across the country for medical and recreational purposes, as of March 2021.

Dried cannabis flowers inside a Smokey’s branded grinder

This hefty number truly signifies how accessible the cannabis industry has become. To make it more clear, here are some statistics that further prove this fact:

  • Dried cannabis flowers represent 64% of these sales, with more than 7.3 million units sold. 
  • On the other hand, edible cannabis takes up 20% of the recorded sales, with over 2.2 million units sold. 
  • Cannabis extracts come in third at 17% of the market share, with more than 1.9 packaged units sold.

The amassed licensed indoor and outdoor cultivation area in Canada stands over 1.8 million square metres and 772 hectares. This shows how much demand there is for cannabis, and how accessible it can be to the general public once the plants go through its systemized process.

The Rise of the Cannabis Industry on the Distributors’ and Retailers’ Perspective 

The same data shows that over 63.6 million packaged units of cannabis products were held in inventory by cultivators, processors, distributors, and retailers. The distributors and retailers, which are licensed cannabis dispensaries, are the ones responsible for explaining the products to all kinds of consumers. They hold 54% of the total inventory of cannabis products, which are then sold in dispensaries all across the country.

This kind of system creates a solid type of accessibility for those who wish to dive into the world of cannabis on an informed level. No more back-alley deals or wondering what types of effects certain strains can give you. All of these can be explained even before you make your purchase. 

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