Game-Changing Cannabis Accessories That You Will Love

Apr 06, 2021

Everyone knows that a well-rounded kit makes a delightful smoking experience, and having the right types of cannabis accessories is the main driving difference between having a good smoking session and an unsavoury one. In this blog, we’ve compiled a mixture of classic accessories and contemporary choices that are making the future of cannabis accessories bright and exciting! 

First, let’s look at some of the classic cannabis accessories from our line of offerings. 

Our Favourite Cannabis Accessories: The Classics

Did you know that the first-ever functional bong was unearthed in Africa? Well, at least the resemblance and usage of it. It was reported that the oldest “bong-like” smoking accessories were discovered by archaeologist J.C. Dombrowski, and they even had cannabis residue in them.

The crude contraptions were created using burning coals placed in a bottle that’s buried in the ground, with cannabis placed on top of the coals. An underground duct leads to a mouth tube, in which cannabis was smoked. However, the first known hand-held bongs were discovered in Ethiopia and date back between 1100 and 1400 CE and were made of bones and repurposed pottery. Other ancient cannabis consumers made sure to go all out, with gold-plated bongs excavated in Russia dating back 2,400 years ago in relation to the Scythian. 

While modern civilization didn’t really maintain the usage of gold-plated bongs for everyday use, classic cannabis accessories sustained every consumer’s smoking habit, whether for medicinal or recreational use. 

Let’s look at some examples:

Unbleached Rolling Papers by Smokey’s

Rolling papers and lighter by Smokey’s

If there’s anything a cannaseur considers a true staple when it comes to cannabis accessories, it’s a pack of high-quality rolling papers. After all, joints and blunts still remain the most popular way to get high and these unbleached rolling papers from our line of cannabis accessories will do the job for you. They’re consciously crafted with natural gum arabic to keep everything intact, so you’ll know that each joint you roll is a perfect stick of happiness waiting to be smoked. 

2.4” 4-Piece Grinder by Smokey’s

Grinder, rolling tray, and rolling papers by Smokey’s

When cannabis is broken into fine and crispy bits, the smoke becomes tastier, smoother, and packs a stronger punch. This is why a decent grinder falls under the “must-have cannabis accessories” for all kinds of smokers. This perfectly sized matte grinder from our line of cannabis accessories can turn sticky, dank buds into smokeable tiny bits of herb. A bonus feature is that it can be easily cleaned because of its removable parts. 

Rolling Tray by Smokey’s

Smokey’s rolling tray

Everyone knows the importance of having a decent rolling tray to keep all the little, ground bits of herb from falling or flying off the surface. Our rolling trays are made from a type of non-irritant, extremely durable polymer, which means it’s chemical-free and spill-free. It’s impossible to break it, even if you tried! This marbled tray measures a convenient size of 5” by 8”, so you can easily slide it anywhere or bring it wherever you go. 

Let’s look at some of the more advanced innovations in the world of cannabis accessories.

Our Favourite Cannabis Accessories: The Game-Changers 

Vaporizers are considered “techy” when it comes to cannabis accessories. Its creation and widespread use starting in 2012 brought in a whole new awareness about cannabis consumption, with some industry key figures believing that vapes are responsible for removing the stigma on medical marijuana. Aside from vaporizers, other forms of innovative cannabis accessories are now readily available allowing for a more resourceful smoking experience. 

Let’s look at some game-changing cannabis accessories that we love:

Elf 510 Battery Vape by Smokey’s X Honeystick

Elf 510 Battery Vape by Smokey’s X Honeystick

It’s proven that vaporizing is more efficient than smoking because a huge amount of THC is destroyed by pyrolysis during smoking. This discreet, pen-style vaporizer battery from Smokey’s X Honeystick will make sure you get all the bang out of your buck. It has three heat settings so you can vape at your preferred temperature to capture that ideal flavour and vapour. Aside from the customization and convenience it offers, it features a powerful 400mAh high-capacity stick battery to keep you vaping with no interruptions. More convenient features include a micro USB charging cable and a size that’s compatible with most standard 510 thread cartridges. 

Cannabis Case and Multi-Tool Kit by DoobTool

Cannabis multi-tool kit and case

This multi-tool kit and case by DoobTool can be considered as the swiss army knife of cannabis accessories. It features 10 unique tools that offer over 20 different uses, such as fold-out scissors, double-sided poker tool, packer tool, and a grinder that mounts on top of the cover. There’s even an herbal brush that lets you clean up or collect tiny bits of herb and a glass tool for concentrate consumption, a holding clip, hemp wick and spool pins. Best of all, it is made with an odourless design that allows you to discreetly store your stuff. Truly, this kit will make you feel like a cannabis MacGyver that can do anything, anywhere, anytime!

Odour-Free Pouch by Revelry

Odour-free pouch

Gone are the days when you pack your smoking kit and the corresponding dank smell fills up the air wherever you go. While we understand the appeal, no one wants to be a walking cannabis air freshener, unless it is intended! If this is something that bothers you, this odour-eliminating pouch is a must-have when it comes to cannabis accessories. Made with carbon filter layers, it makes packing your smoking kit a stealth experience, limiting inconspicuous stares or glances from others. 

Gravity Recycler Water Pipe by Pulsar 

Gravity recycler water pipe

Imagine having cannabis accessories that make you feel like you’re in a science lab. This 13” tall water pipe does exactly that. It has a fixed downstem to disc percolator and an open cyclone drain. Unlike your normal bong or pipe, this one has a drain hole that pours out the bottom of the cyclone drain through open air and back into the percolator chamber below. In a true science lab-effect, the water drains when you are not inhaling to prevent unwanted splashbacks. As a bonus, it includes a matching herb slide and can be transformed into a dab rig by adding a banger, carb cap, and a dab tool. 

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