Taking Cannabis for Sleep: What You Need to Know

Sep 01, 2021

Getting enough sleep is an essential part of being healthy, with a recommended amount of at least seven hours to maintain optimal health. Unfortunately, not all of us can easily doze off. Sleep disorders are a common concern among Canadian adults, and according to research, roughly 40% of them will at least experience one type of sleep disorder in their lifetimes. While some have routines like reading a book or meditating to aid in hitting the sack, others turn to cannabis. 

Because of the prevalence of sleeping disorders among adults, there has been a growing interest among peers in the medical marijuana community in using cannabis as a sleep aid. In this post, Smokey’s will guide you through some important information you need to know if you’re considering consuming cannabis for sleep. 

Cannabis for Sleep: Why Is It Effective?  

Cannabis has been long used to treat certain conditions, and these days, many refer to cannabis as an effective treatment for a range of sleeping disorders. According to physicians, cannabis is an effective sleep aid because it restores the natural sleep cycle, which often falls out of sync due to schedules, distractions, and lifestyle changes. 

The analgesic properties of cannabis could provide some relief for those experiencing bodily pains, while its anti-anxiety properties can calm and soothe a stressed-out body and mind. This is exactly the reason why physicians are recommending cannabis for sleep, since getting a good night’s sleep involves having a relaxed state of mind. 

A woman filling a gold-plated cone with ground cannabis

The Cannabis Science of Sleep 

Those who are immersed in the world of cannabis already know that there are two main cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant: CBD and THC. CBD, or Cannabidiol, is known for its pain relieving properties, health benefits, and the fact that it doesn’t cause any drowsiness. On the other hand, THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, is a psychoactive compound that creates the buzz you feel after toking or after consuming an edible. Because of its sedative effects, THC is also regarded for its sleep-inducing properties, making it a good sleep aid.

THC and Sleep  

Consuming cannabis for sleep has been practiced for centuries. According to modern research, cannabis cuts the time it takes to fall asleep, with or without a sleeping disorder. This specific research shows how cannabis for sleep works: that by consuming it and falling asleep as an effect, it lengthens the time spent in deep, slow-wave sleep. It has also been found that cannabis reduces REM (rapid eye movement) sleep. Because of this, THC reduces dreaming and allows deep, solid, uninterrupted sleep to take place. This could potentially be beneficial for those who experience nightmares.

Separate studies have also shown that THC can improve one’s breathing during sleep, which makes it a potential cure in the treatment of sleep apnea. 

CBD and Sleep

Consuming CBD on a daily basis helps individuals gain regulated systemic biorhythms and bodily functions, which includes the sleep cycle. Since CBD is known to alleviate symptoms of chronic pain, those who consume CBD products will feel a sense of pain relief, hence, removing any discomfort that often affects a night’s sleep. 

Cannabis for Sleep: The Best Strains for a Perfect Slumber 

There are so many strains available in the market, and if you’re thinking about using cannabis for sleep, it helps to find out which strains can do the job best. According to research, strains that have high quantities of the following terpenes can help give you good sleep:

  • Terpinolene
  • Myrcene
  • Caryophyllene

With that being said, here are some examples of strains that will send you on a satisfying slumber. 

dried cannabis flowers on a woman’s hand

Hindu Kush 

This potent indica-dominant strain is a top choice when thinking of using cannabis for sleep. Suitable for more moderate to experienced tokers, its high THC content (15% to 32%) can absolutely make you feel drowsy in a way that leads to sleep. 

Grand Daddy Purple 

Another indica strain, the Grand Daddy Purple is a classic cultivar and is famous for its muscle-relaxing properties and sedative effects. Its THC content ranges from 12.5% to 32%, so keep this in mind if you are a novice smoker. A hit or two of this strain will make you feel heady and sleepy, which makes it an ideal choice when thinking about cannabis for sleep.


A flavourful strain with calming effects, the Gelato strain is one that many turn to when it’s “chill time.” With a THC content of 25%, this strain can be consumed by newbies and experienced smokers alike. 

Pink Kush 

A favourite among nighttime tokers, the Pink Kush is a classic strain that offers body-relaxing effects. This indica strain has a whopping 35% THC, so be careful if you don’t have as much experience with using cannabis for sleep. We suggest taking a hit or two, and waiting to see if the effects are manageable for your liking before consuming more. 

Ready to Use Cannabis for Sleep for Better Nighttime Patterns? 

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