Cannabis Gift Ideas for Fun-Loving Parents

Apr 13, 2021

Being able to consume cannabis with your parents is something that all smokers dream of. In some cases, mom and dad are bigger consumers than their children, and this is when cannabis gift ideas come into play.

Aside from possibly attending Woodstock during their prime, mom and dad know the value of good quality cannabis goods. There are no limits on when to give mom and dad these wide-ranging cannabis gift ideas. Birthdays, anniversaries, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, retirement parties, you name it!

Read along to discover our top recommendations for cannabis gift ideas for your parents – from individual gifts like smoking essentials to more fun choices for shared experiences! 

Cannabis Gift Ideas: Smoking Essentials for Mom

Smokey’s rolling tray, rolling papers and cannabis shake

Rolling Tray by Smokey’s 

Mom knows the importance of leaving everything spic and span, including the table where she rolls her joints. This marbled rolling tray from our brand of smoking essentials will keep her surfaces clean from cut-up bits of herb. Versatile and practical, this tray is made from a non-irritant polymer, which means it’s made without nasty chemicals. Its extreme durability makes it impossible to break this tray, even if mom accidentally dropped it! At an ideal size of 5” x 8”, this tray is even dishwasher safe. If you’re lucky, she might even use it to serve your next spiked dessert!

Matte Grinder by Smokey’s

Matte Grinder by Smokey’s

Coming in five appealing colours, our branded grinder can cut up mom’s sticky buds into smokeable, tiny bits of herb. Made from Aircraft Grade Aluminum, it offers maximum strength and longevity of use. Powerful neodymium magnets give a robust, tight closure, freshness, and odour control. Perfect for moms who want a trusty, efficient staple in their smoking kit!

Cannabis Gift Ideas: Smoking Essentials for Dad

Cannabis multi-tool kit and case

Cannabis Case and Multi-Tool Kit by DoobTool

If your dad is a handyman or likes to work in his garage, then he would appreciate this McGyver-esque multi-tool kit by DoobTool. It features 10 unique tools with over 20 different uses. It has a grinder card, a herbal brush, holding clips, fold-out scissors, poker, and packer tools. It even has a glass tool for concentrate consumption! To top it all off, its patented removable top cover doubles as a tray, proving that it is indeed an all-around essential.

Plasma X E Lighter by Piranha

Plasma X E Lighter by Piranha

These funky-looking e-lighters combine the flash of the ’80s and the convenience of innovation. Perfect for dads who love a mixture of nostalgia, futuristic aesthetics, and sustainability, these e-lighters don’t use any butane and can be kept for a long time. These Plasma lighters are windproof, showing an iconic electric beam that won’t blow out, even when dad is trekking in the windiest conditions. The best thing about these lighters is they’re 100% rechargeable and they come with a gift box!

Smokey’s unbleached rolling papers

Unbleached Rolling Papers by Smokey’s 

If you’re thinking of cannabis gift ideas that will be useful for a practical dad, then these natural unbleached rolling papers are your best bet. Perfect for dads who love rolling fat joints, these papers are made of natural materials and are 100% biodegradable, including the packaging! Simple, cheap, and a true essential. Need we say more?

Now let’s look at cannabis gift ideas you can get for both mom and dad in one go:

Cannabis Gift Ideas: Vapes, Extracts, Topicals for Mom and Dad

Sex Pot Intimacy Oil by Latitude

Sex Pot Intimacy Oil by Latitude

Be amused upon seeing mom and dad’s reaction when they open up this present! The Sex Pot Oil by Latitude is a “sensuous” blend of natural oils infused with THC, and mom and dad will surely appreciate it. According to the product description page, it is “carefully blended to heighten sensation, and stimulate natural chemistry.” This vegan product is one of the best cannabis gift ideas for mom and dad, especially if they’re looking for something to spark the romance!

CBD Dark Chocolate by Chowie Wowie

CBD Dark Chocolate by Chowie Wowie

Perfect to share between mom and dad, this tasty CBD-infused dark chocolate is breakable in two portions, with each piece containing 10mg of CBD. This is particularly one of the most ideal cannabis gift ideas if you’re looking for something that will give your parents the medicinal benefits of consuming CBD. Give this edible as a present when they’ve had a tough week, or when they’re feeling pains in certain areas of their bodies. 

Pineapple Express Vape Kit by Good Supply

Pineapple Express Vape Kit by Good Supply

Give mom and dad a treat with this iconic strain in extract form so they don’t have to go through the usual smoking session rituals. Not only do they save time, but they will also have a nice high to go along with their busy day. The cartridges from Good Supply, including this one, contain pure, cured cannabis, extracted with C02, purified into distillate, and combined with plant-derived terpenes for a pure and clean flavour. It comes with a USB charger, so mom and dad can plug it anywhere, share it, and enjoy the pleasant buzz! 

Looking for More Cannabis Gift Ideas?

We might just have what you’re looking for. Browse through our online inventory of dried flowers, smoking hardware such as bongs, pipes, and rigs, and more! Contact us today, or visit one of our locations. Speak to one of our budtenders so you can find out more about our special offerings, or if you need help in figuring out your cannabis gift ideas.