Smokey’s Ultimate Edmonton Winter Bucket List

Jan 05, 2022

During the winter season, powdery snow covers the streets and architecture of the city, with temperatures ranging from +5 degrees to -35 degrees. While the cold is something that everyone in Edmonton is used to, it’s not always one of our favourite seasons. 

This year, think of the winter as an opportunity to plan activities and new experiences!

Whether it’s something for the whole family, a romantic trip, or simply a day away with your buddies, planning things to do in Edmonton in the winter can be something that everyone looks forward to.

In this post, Smokey’s will guide you in setting up the ultimate Edmonton winter bucket list. Before planning, make sure to head to our online shop to stock up on your cold weather smoking essentials! 

1. Visit the Ice Castle for a Dream-like Experience 

When it comes to things to do in Edmonton in winter for the kids (or the inner kid in all of us), visiting the Ice Castle in Hawrelak Park is definitely bucket-list worthy. This site is beaming with frozen waterfalls, icicles, and caves that will make you feel like you’re in a winter wonderland.  We can also appreciate the countless photo opportunities that this attraction has to offer!

Cost: $10 to $20

Location: Hawrelak Park, 9220 Groat Road, 14 KM South-West

An ice castle in Edmonton

2. Revel at the Sight of the Northern Lights

Experiencing and being awestruck by the northern lights is absolutely one of the best things to do in Edmonton in winter. Luckily for locals and visitors, Edmonton is one of the best places on Earth to witness this natural wonder. 

This natural phenomenon takes form because of a certain effect; when small particles released by the sun hit the atmosphere of the Earth. As a result, colourful lights sway into the sky and present a magical, ethereal effect to those who are lucky enough to witness it. 

During the peak of the northern lights show, everyone knows that this is a great opportunity to create memories with loved ones and friends. It is almost like a magical experience, and making the effort to witness the northern lights is something that should be on your winter bucket list. To make it even more memorable, don’t forget to pack some pre-rolled joints to light up to elevate your northern lights experience!

A woman holding up a pre-rolled joint

3. Wind Down and Go Ice Fishing With Your Buddies 

Ice fishing is always an option when planning things to do in Edmonton in winter. Edmonton has an abundance of rivers and lakes that always bring in a sense of calmness, particularly for anglers looking to try their hand at fishing in the winter. 

Pigeon Lake has breathtaking views and settings that are ideal for ice fishing, as well as Gull and Sylvan lakes. Just make sure that before you head out for the day that you’re checking the conditions and forecast, as well as the ice report for the body of water you are travelling to. 

Hermitage Pond is a great spot for beginners or those not wanting to trek too far from the city. You can get your gear together and be fishing within the hour!

Make your ice fishing trip even more relaxing by packing some cannabis-infused beverages in the cooler! 

4. Go Tubing or Skiing in Edmonton’s Sunridge Ski Area 

A ski or tubing adventure is one of the most enjoyable things to do in Edmonton in Winter. It guarantees a fun time, whether you’re with friends, family, or with your partner. Edmonton’s Sunridge Ski Area is located right in the city and has six lifts, two carpet lifts, and an attractive terrain park that all serve as your vessels for an enjoyable winter experience. 

Cost: $44 for an adults’ lift pass; $20 for two-hour tubing 

Location: 10980 17 St NW, Edmonton

5. Plan a Snowboarding Trip With Your Adrenaline-Loving Friends

Nothing beats the adrenaline you get from an exhilarating snowboarding run. For those who seek the downhill rush or the feeling of gliding through fine and smooth snow, a snowboarding trip should be one of the things to do in Edmonton in winter with your friends. 

Canada is famous for its world-class snowboarding destinations. In Edmonton alone, you can choose many ski and snowboarding lodges and resorts to plan this trip. Try Snow Valley Ski Club, Rabbit Snow Ski Resort, or the famous Edmonton Ski Club. If you don’t have your own snowboarding gear, you can always rent, or borrow from friends to save a few extra bucks. 

6. Rent a Cabin or a Chalet For a Winter Staycation 

Staycations are always a great idea, regardless of the season. For winter, there are a bunch of cozy places you can rent when a staycation is on top of your list for things to do in Edmonton in winter. 

To give you some examples, Anchor D Cabins can provide a full wintertime vacation experience, with a location perfect for stargazing and even a glimpse of the northern lights. You can also rent from the award-winning Canadian mountain resort, Overlander Mountain Lodge. These chalets have in-house kitchens where you can practice your cannabis-infused cooking skills! 

A woman holding up a nug of dried cannabis

7. Pick-Up Premium Bud at Smokey’s

Among all of the things to do in Edmonton in winter, stocking up on your smoking essentials is just as important as planning a trip. No matter what type of consumption method you’re used to, our stores carry a wide variety of strains to suit every mood and preference. 

Looking for more winter adventure ideas? Start it off by visiting our locations across Edmonton to gather your wintertime cannabis needs. We have a wide range of dried flowers, edibles, topicals, vapes, extracts, and accessories to add some good vibes to your winter trips.

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