Everything You Need to Know About Sativa

Jan 25, 2021

Everything You Need to Know About Sativa

This all-inclusive guide to enjoying cannabis sativa covers everything you need to know including the plant’s origins, its growing behaviour, its alleged effects and benefits, and a bonus list of our bestselling sativa-dominant strains.

Let’s delve right into it!

What Is Cannabis Sativa?

Cannabis sativa is one of the primary plant species of the Cannabaceae family. First identified by Carl Linnaeus, a Swedish botanist, in 1753, “sativa” literally translates to “things that are cultivated.” It was discovered later, in 1785 by Jean-Baptiste Lamarck, that the cannabis plant can be identified as two species: indica and sativa.

Unlike cannabis indica, which thrives in harsh and colder environments, sativa prefers hot, dry, and humid climates due to its tropical origins. Pure indica varieties come from Africa, Central America, and Southeast Asia. Presently, it is widely cultivated around the world for its recreational and possible therapeutic benefits.

The sativa plant can be physically identified by its tall stature with sparse, skinny, and pointed light green foliage. Sativa varieties can have a towering height of up to 20 feet and may take longer to mature and bloom than indica and other cannabis varieties.

Regarding its flavour profile, cannabis sativa strains are best known for being distinctly pungent because of their unique terpene profile. They have a wide range of aromas that can go from fruity and sweet to piney, tangy, and herb-like.

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Expected Effects of Sativa

Sativa strains typically have a higher THC and lower CBD content. THC or Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol is the type of cannabinoid responsible for the psychoactive properties of cannabis. THC-dominant strains are sought-after by recreational cannabis users because of this. Theoretically, the higher the THC content present in the cannabis bud, the more intoxicating the strain will be. 

The physiological effects of cannabis sativa are the exact opposite of indica's. In the cannabis community, sativa is known for causing the "head high" effect, which leaves users feeling more focused, inspired, creative, alert, and motivated. Cannabis lovers also swear by sativa's uplifting and euphoric sensations. 

Sativa is dubbed as a daytime cannabis and is best consumed during social situations, artistic pursuits, or when you need a boost of energy during physical activities. Due to these stimulating effects, sativa-dominant strains should be avoided close to bedtime because it may only leave you feeling restless.

Some scientific studies contradict the theory in the cannabis community that the desired effects and benefits be determined based solely on whether the strain is sativa or indica. Experts suggest that a more reliable method of selecting the perfect cannabis strain for your specific purpose would be taking a closer look at the cannabinoid and terpene content.

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Popular Sativa Strains

If you have yet to try sativa-dominant bud or pre-roll, don't miss your chance to reach new highs. Here is a list of some of our bestselling cannabis sativa strains that are sure to put a smile on your face:

  • Amnesia Haze - Amnesia Haze is a remarkable sativa-dominant strain with a 2004 Cannabis Cup and 2012 Sativa Cup title under its belt. Its lineage can be traced back to landrace strains from South Asia and Jamaica. Amnesia Haze's flavour is a beautiful blend of earthy, citrusy, hops. This one packs a punch with 15 to 25% THC content. Famous in Amsterdam, it leaves you with happy vibes and an energy boost that guarantees a good trip. 
  • Ghost Train Haze  - A cannabis sativa-dominant strain with typical sativa stretching. Ghost Train Haze is a cross between Ghost OG (indica-dominant) and Nevil's Wreck (sativa-dominant). This bud has notes of floral, citrus, and hints of spice. 
  • Jack Herer - This legendary sativa strain was named after Jack Herer, an iconic cannabis activist and author of the non-fiction book, “The Emperor Wears No Clothes.” Loaded with 14 to 24% THC, Jack Herer delights with notes of spiciness and scents of pine. It's known to give users mental clarity, blissful thoughts, and boosts of creativity. Jack Herer was developed initially in the Netherlands during the mid-'90s and was widely distributed by Dutch pharmaceutical companies as medical-grade cannabis.
  • Tangie - A sativa strain created by crossing California Orange and Skunk-1, Tangie kush features a high THC content that gives cannabis users that sought-after feeling of elevation and relaxation. Also known as Tangerine Dream or Tangie Dream, it's one of Amsterdam's hottest cannabis strains. Tangie has a sweet and citrusy tangerine aroma that's a go-to if you're looking for a perfectly chilled high.
  • Super Lemon Haze - Super Lemon Haze is a fantastic sativa-dominant hybrid that features a tart, zesty, and sweet taste similar to a lemon-flavoured candy. This multicoloured sativa strain features bright green buds and orange pistils. With 18% THC, Super Lemon Haze surprises you with a cheery wave of energy and floods you with positive vibes, setting you into a good mood before a night of partying and adventure. 
  • Blue Dream - A cross between Blueberry and Haze, this sativa-dominant hybrid has a distinct herby, piney, and pepper-rich aroma. Originally derived from California, Blue Dream delights with its berry and citrus flavours that deliver a balanced high, keeping the mind engaged and the body relaxed. Both seasoned and new cannabis lovers can't get enough of its euphoric effects, thanks to this sativa's 18 to 24% THC content.

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