Holiday Gift Guide for Cannabis Lovers

Nov 27, 2020

Holiday Gift Guide for Cannabis Lovers

The holidays are just around the corner and before you know it, there’ll be snow on the ground, holiday cheer in the air, and Christmas music playing everywhere you go. Whether you’re a grinch around the holidays or not, we’ve put together a collection of naughty—but nice—cannabis gifts for every green-leaf lover on your list. It’s filled with the best recommendations for edibles, smoking accessories, and other cannabis essentials that your cannasseur friends will actually appreciate and use. Check it out!

1. Smokey's Lighters 

Smokey’s Lighters

These best selling lighters are the perfect stocking stuffers. Coming in a variety of eye-catching colours that anyone on your cannabis gifting list would love to have. BIC lighters boast twice the light versus its competitors and offer the best value for money with up to 3,000 uses.

Price: $1.99

2. Premium Smokey’s Grinder 

Premium Smokey’s Grinders

For the one who’s mastering the art of joint rolling, this excellent compact cannabis grinder from Smokey’s doesn’t skimp on style. It’s made from aircraft-grade aluminum for maximum strength and durability. With 46 diamond-curved, razor-sharp teeth, it guarantees effortless shredding and fine, evenly ground cannabis with every use. This perfect cannabis gift works well as a stocker stuffer or even for Secret Santa! It comes in five matte colours: red, pink, gray, white, and green.

Price: $39.99

3. Smokey’s Rolling Tray 

Smokey’s Rolling Tray

This cannabis gift that will make any cannaseur who loves rolling their own joints ecstatic. Our 8x5” Smokey’s Rolling Tray lets you keep your cannabis rolling process neat and tidy. It’s made from non-irritant polymer, which means you won’t have to worry about nasty chemicals leaching into your cannabis. It’s non-breakable and durable, making it a fantastic option if you’re looking for a Christmas gift that will last a long time.

Price: $19.99

4. Smokey’s Rolling Kit 

Smokey’s Rolling Kit

Give your cannabis-loving friend everything they need to get rolling this Christmas. The Smokey’s Rolling Kit is packed with premium-quality filters and ITAL unbleached rolling papers made from naturally biodegradable materials, including the packaging. Smokey's rolling papers are consciously crafted with love at the foothills of the Julian Alps in Slovenia. This 3-in-1 toolkit will turn every joint-rolling session into a smooth experience. 

Price: $2.99

5. GRAV Pinch Spoon 

GRAV Pinch Spoon and Smokey’s lighter

For that person on your list who’s always on the go with a secret stash of cannabis tucked in their bag, the GRAV Pinch spoon gets them straight to the point. It’s a travel-sized spoon and chillum rolled into one. Made of high-quality borosilicate glass, it sports a simple yet stylish silhouette and a festive green colour. Feeling extra generous? Pair it with a Smokey’s Lighter for a complete cannabis gift. 

Price: $12.99

6. Yocan Armor Vaporizer 

Yocan Armor Vaporizer

For the one who likes an aesthetically-pleasing smoke, this pocket-friendly Yocan Armor Vaporizer will surely be a hit.

It’s a compact concentrate vaporizer that features a sleek and functional design in an elegant stainless steel finish. Loaded with a built-in 380mAh battery, variable voltage settings, preheat function, and Yocan's famous dual quartz rod coil, the Yocan Armor Vaporizer is destined to be every cannasseur’s favourite cannabis essential. The new Variable Voltage settings let you dial in the perfect settings for your sessions. The LED indicators will display one light for 3.0V, two lights for 3.5V, and all three lights for 4.0V when you're ready for some serious cloud action. A fantastic cannabis gift, it only needs 30 minutes to charge, giving its user more time having fun vaping!

Price: $34.99

7. PAX Era Battery 

PAX Era Battery

This pen-and-pod system makes a delightful Christmas present for friends exploring cannabis concentrates. It’s lightweight and pocket-sized, giving users the ease of enjoying their favourite cannabis strain whenever they please. It has a stealthy frame that lets you switch your extract pod in a snap for seamless sessions. Ready when you are, this oil vaporizer boasts of a no-button interface that responds intuitively. 

Price: $44.99

8. Haven St. Tea Bags 

Haven St. Tea Bags

For the person on your list who deserves a relaxing treat amidst the chaos of the holidays; they will love Haven St. Tea Bags. These hand-crafted tea bags are made in small batches through a proprietary cannabis infusion process using only the highest-quality organic ingredients to provide an enchanting aroma and superior flavour. Sip, breathe, relax!

Price: $7.99

9. Redees Cold Creek Kush Pre-Roll 

Redees Cold Creek Kush Pre-Rolls

These pre-rolled joints made from our Cold Creek Kush buds are great stocking stuffers for your cannabis-loving friends or family members. Cold Creek Kush is a mix of MK Ultra and Chemdawg 91, with a strong THC potency, giving them the earthy and herbal taste profile they’re known for. Another bonus? These joints are machine-rolled using lightweight rolling paper, meaning they’re never touched by human hands during the production process so that you can enjoy a one-of-a-kind pre-rolled experience.

10. Caramel Half-Moons Chocolates 

Caramel Half Moon Chocolate Aurora Drift

For the chocolate-lover in your life, nothing says “Happy Holidays'' quite like a box of sweet treats, especially if they’re as heavenly delicious as these caramel half-moon chocolates from Aurora Drift. Each pack contains five half-spheres of hand-poured and hand-painted cannabis-infused chocolates made from ethically-sourced ingredients. Each piece is evenly dosed with 10mg of THC, the perfect thoughtful cannabis gift for friends who don't smoke or vape.

Price: $16.99

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Now that we’ve done all the work by curating the perfect holiday gift guide for you, picking out and purchasing cannabis gifts for your friends is only a click away! Shop for all your cannabis essentials online through Smokey’s website. For extra little stocking stuffers, we’ve got a fantastic selection of cannabis strains, rolling papers, smoking and vaping accessories too!