How to Celebrate Pride Month with Cannabis

May 10, 2021

June marks the start of pride month in Canada, and with social distancing regulations still in place in most areas, the likelihood of traditional parades and festivities happening is quite slim. However, you can still celebrate by participating in some enjoyable activities during pride month – including cannabis-fueled small gatherings or intimate bashes for friends and loved ones. 

In case you are not aware, pride month is the annual, month-long celebration of the LGBTQ+ community’s history and continuous development. Pride month has transformed into a worldwide grandiose observance characterized by parades, parties, and festivals, which are all adorned with globally recognized rainbow-themed symbols. Organizations from all over the world take time to celebrate pride month, applying rainbow-themed branding and advertisements to show their support in celebrating love in all forms and empowering the LGBTQ+ community.

If you can’t attend a public pride month celebration this year, there’s always a bright side to that. Light up this year’s celebrations with these cannabis-fueled activities – all your provisions can be conveniently purchased on Smokey’s online store, delivered to your door!

6 Cannabis-Inspired Pride Month Celebration Ideas

1. Grab Cannabis Edibles and Watch a Pride-Themed Movie or Series

Gather your friends and binge-watch your favourite pride-themed movies or series, such as RuPaul’s Drag Race, Brokeback Mountain, Beautiful Thing, Paris Is Burning, Call Me By Your Name, Far From Heaven, and many others. Here is a long list of LGBTQ+ movies perfect for pride month movie nights, in case you need more suggestions. 

Once you’re set on what to watch, make the intimate celebration more enjoyable by picking up some cannabis-infused edibles to share with your friends. Smokey’s offers chocolates, baked goods, soft chews, hard edibles, and beverages with varying levels of THC and CBD to suit your night’s mood.

2. Organize a Small, Pride Month-Themed Brunch With a Canna-Buffet

Invite some of your closest friends and family for an intimate brunch adorned with rainbow decorations and a delectable spread filled with cannabis-infused dishes, desserts, sparkling beverages, and maybe even some pre-rolls on the side. Give your brunch a boost by busting out this 10-hour, high-powered pride month playlist if you want to extend it to an all-day affair!

Cannabis bud with eggs and butter in the background

If you’re not sure how to cook with cannabis, it’s important to know that cannabutter and cannabis oil are the essential ingredients needed to make your dishes pop. To help you get started, read this detailed guide on how to make cannabutter. You can also recreate these recipes made with cannabis oil, which include dishes that will fit all kinds of diets: from paleo and keto to vegan. Don’t forget to add multi-coloured garnishes to make it even more pride month-worthy!

3. Send CBD-Infused Presents for LGBTQ+ Loved Ones

If you can’t take part in any pride month gatherings for safety reasons, you can still express your love and appreciation to your LGBTQ+ friends and loved ones by sending them some calming and relaxing CBD-infused products.

Smokey’s carries a long line of CBD-infused essentials, such as CBD lotions, CBD relief sticks, and CBD oils and sprays. The easing and loosening effect of CBD has many healing properties that are beneficial to those who need to sit back and relax, or ease feelings of pain, stress, or anxiety. 

4. Surprise a Loved One With a Pride Month-Themed Date

It’s all about expressing love, adoration, and appreciation during pride month. Before joining small LGBTQ+ gatherings with friends, make your significant other feel special by planning a surprise dinner date with a side of some highly fitting Dank Rainbow Pre-Roll as a special gift. This indica-dominant strain is a combination of Death Bubba and Rainbow Punch, and is covered with frosty crystals and orange pistils with dark green and ultraviolet undertones. The balanced, sour aroma is combined with the sweetness of the Rainbow punch that gives a mildly spicy and sour taste. Light this one up after dinner and unwind with your partner. Enjoy the heady buzz that will make you want to cuddle under soft sheets for a perfect romantic night. 

5. Set-Up An Open Group Discussion for the LGBTQ+ Community

Celebrating pride month is not all about having parties and dressing up. It’s also about empowering each other, and addressing issues that affect members of the LGBTQ+ community as they share experiences in a safe and comfortable setting. It can be in your home, over a virtual call, or in a place accessible to attendees in a safe manner. 

Talk about fears, worries, concerns, as well as achievements, and special moments that will uplift each other. This is a good opportunity to provide assurance during these trying times, and this kind of experience will offer a sense of belongingness in a community that is truly accepting and loving. To make the gathering even more uplifting, pass around this pride month-perfect Rainbow Swirl Tube filled with some conversation-inducing strains, such as Jack Herer. High vibrations will be felt, and we can assure you that.

Rainbow Swirl Tube by Pulsar

6. Give the Gift of Calmness and Creativity With Some Flowers

We don’t mean traditional flowers, but the kind of flowers that we all love and enjoy. The wide range of positive effects of cannabis can be beneficial for friends and loved ones belonging to the LGBTQ+ community, especially for artists, musicians, and even for those experiencing mild pain or mental health concerns. We carry a large selection of dried flowers and pre-rolls that fit any kind of need.

Stock Up Your Supply for Pride Month

Now that we’ve given you ideas on how to celebrate pride month with cannabis, all you need to do is grab the essentials needed to make these intimate events unfold on a high note. Browse our selection of flowers, accessories, and smoking essentials, or visit any of our locations to see what we have in store.

Contact us today, and chat with our experienced budtenders if you need more suggestions on how to make your pride month celebrations even more special.