Pro Tips on How to Clean A Bong

May 10, 2021

Most cannasseurs love using bongs as it gives a powerful high that’s unbeatable by other fire-induced smoking accessories. Unfortunately, bongs can get so dirty to a point when you don’t even want to pick them up. They can get completely caked in resin, stinky, and so foul-looking that it prevents you from using them. You also have to worry about accidental dirty bong water spillage that can leave your bed or couch smelling like musty, wet, stale cannabis. And no one wants that. 

As the pros of everything bong-related, the budtenders at Smokey’s are sharing their insider tips on how to clean a bong; but first, let’s discuss reasons why you should regularly take the time to clean them.

Why You Should Clean Your Bong Regularly

The resin buildup inside your bong can be thick, tarry, and extremely difficult to get rid of if you don’t clean your bong regularly. When it gets to this point, smokers usually turn to cleaners that are made with harsh chemicals, such as carburetor cleaners, to remove the heavy grime. Unfortunately, these kinds of cleaners leave dangerous residues that can be toxic when heat is applied. 

In terms of how often you need to clean your bong, it depends on how much you use it. Heavy tokers should take time to clean bongs every two days, as resin build-up can occur easily. If you consider yourself as an average consumer, or if you use a variety of smoking devices, once every one to two weeks should be adequate. 

Consistently replacing the water is also key to a better bong-smoking experience. Fresh bong water decreases the risk of mould, bacteria, and other microorganisms wreaking havoc in your bong. Bacteria and all these nasty things start growing inside a dirty bong after only 22 hours, and it only gets worse if you don’t replace the water, or clean your bong regularly.

Taste is another huge factor in the importance of cleaning your bong. It’s a huge part of your experience, especially if you’re toking flavourful and fruity strains. A dirty bong with huge resin residue prevents you from tasting smoke produced by fruity strains. In fact, smoke actually has a taste, just like everything else you put in your mouth. Molecules present from decarboxylated cannabis merge with your taste buds to produce different kinds of flavours. 

Let’s get started on how to clean a bong properly.

Ground cannabis in a Smokey’s grinder

How To Clean A Bong Efficiently and Effectively 

There are several ways on how to clean a bong without ruining it, or accidentally destroying vital parts to make it work. Before turning to chemical cleaners, consider a safer method that involves easy-to-acquire cleaning items.

What You’ll Need:

  • Rock salt or sea salt
  • Cleaning brush, such as Randy’s Cleaning Brush, or a small bottle brush
  • Alcohol rub (70 to 90% isopropyl alcohol or rubbing alcohol) 
  • Boiling water
  • Roomy plastic container

How to Clean a Bong: The Method

1. Place rock or sea salt along the bottom of the bong, and mix it with 70 to 90% isopropyl alcohol and an adequate amount of boiling water depending on the size of your bong.

2. Hold your bong by covering the top part and the stem hole with a small towel, then give it a good shake in a swirling motion. Make sure that the mixture hits every inner part of the bong that you want to clean.

3. Rinse the bong and leave it in a cool, dry space, as this a vital part of how to clean a bong. Using it while it’s still moist can speed up resin build-up and can emit an unfavourable taste.

4. To clean the stem, pipe, or bowl, soak the pieces in boiling water so the bulk of the tar build-up can be removed quickly.

5. Place the bowl or pipe, or other pieces, in a plastic container with salt and rubbing alcohol, and shake well so that the pieces don’t clash with each other and break. Rinse the pieces clean.

6. If there are any persistent spots, use the pipe cleaner, or a bottle brush to clean them out.

7. Allow the pieces to dry completely before reusing.

How to Clean a Bong: The Simplest Way Possible

If you can’t be bothered completing all of the steps mentioned above, there is a much simpler way to learn how to clean a bong. Simply rinse out all of the pieces with boiling water so that your bong will rid itself of resin stains. Use a brush to clean the inner parts if some tar remains. 

Eyce Silicone Cleaner

Alternatively, you can also use natural, plant-based, and alcohol-free cleaners, such as Eyce Silicone Cleaner to remove residue. Always remember to let your bong air dry in a cool, dry area. Once all the pieces are dry, you’re ready to use it again for a fresher smoking experience. 

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