Top Cannabis Inspired Valentine’s Day Ideas

Jan 12, 2022

If you’re lucky enough to have a significant other who loves cannabis as much as you do, then don’t waste this opportunity to plan a cannabis-filled V-day! These creative Valentine’s Day ideas will not only impress your partner, but they will definitely get you both buzzed and in the mood for some late-night cuddles after a fun-filled day or evening.

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Here are some bud-friendly Valentine’s Day ideas that will make this year’s celebration one to remember.

Set Up an Intimate Cannabis-Infused Dining Experience 

When thinking of traditional Valentine’s Day ideas, a romantic dinner is always on top of the list. Take it a notch further by setting up a cannabis-infused dining experience. If you have the choice to hire a chef, do it by all means. It will save you lots of time and energy that you can use to focus on living in the moment with your partner.

If you wish to cook all the meals on your own, plan your cannabis-infused “high-end” menu worthy of an even higher review. Start with making your own cannabutter to add to your dishes, or use cannabis extracts to add to whatever you wish to prepare. 

To give you an idea of what you can prepare, here’s a simple cannabis-infused dinner menu:

You can start with a light arugula salad dressed with cannabis-infused olive oil, and proceed with cannabis garlic and rosemary pork chops, or a vegan cannabis spaghetti bolognese. End the meal with a no-bake CBD-infused cheesecake, or make it more attainable with these cannabis edibles that you can easily order from our shop! 

To expand on this Valentine’s Day idea, continue reading! 

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Join a Cannabis Cooking Class 

Participating in a cooking class has always been considered a fun activity, and it’s one of the top Valentine’s Day ideas that you can do in the city. While there are several cannabis cooking classes in Toronto that you can sign up for, elevate this experience by getting you and your partner a slot in one of the classes offered by the coveted Cannabis Cooking Company

Not only will you get to learn basic cooking skills, but you will also be in the company of experienced chefs that will teach you how to cook exquisite dishes that you can prepare together, or for each other, on your next date.

If your Valentine’s Day ideas involve something more low-key, you can try to book a private session with the Green Chef, and take part in their three-hour classes. 

Get Creative and Sign Up for An Arts and Crafts Date 

Doing something creative together is always a good idea for lovers, as it stimulates the mind and creates a unique bonding experience. With that being said, one of the most quirky Valentine’s Day ideas is to share a joint together and attend an arts and crafts class while high! You can even try to secure a slot in one of the artsy experiences that Canada High Tours offers, such as this Toronto Photography tour, or enroll in a short pottery or painting class. 

Before heading to the class you have chosen to sign up for, try any of these strains that induce creativity so you and your partner can fully utilize the creative (and romantic) vibes that are about to flow!

Consume Edibles and Experience the City’s Trippy Offerings 

If you’re thinking of active, multi-sensory Valentine’s Day ideas, you and your loved one can explore the city. Visit museums, 3D exhibits, or even interactive places. These interactive activities in Toronto will not only satisfy you and your partner’s buzz on all sensory levels, but they will also make for an unforgettable V-Day experience. Before venturing out to these spots, secure your buzz by consuming a sativa-dominant edible, such as the Strawberry Mango Sours by Spinach, or the hybrid White Chocolate Caramels by Wabi Sabi. 

Book a Couples Massage with CBD-Infused Teas 

Not all Valentine’s Day ideas require a lot of effort or planning. On the easier-to-execute scale, you can plan a spa-like night in with a good massage and a warm bath (equipped with CBD bath bombs, of course). After doing any of the activities mentioned above, end this year’s Valentine’s Day with a soothing couples massage, complete with CBD-infused teas. CBD is known to usher in stress-relieving effects, which would make your massage even more satisfying. 

“We love CBD”

Prepare a CBD Gift Box With a Sweet Note

If you feel that your partner has been experiencing a lot of work or school-related stress lately, offer the gift of relief in the form of a CBD gift box. Curate a selection of CBD-infused topicals, capsules, or muscle rubs that will help your significant other overcome burnout. Not only will this send a message of comfort across, but your partner will definitely feel cared for. Don’t forget to put in a note and special “flowers” to complete the package!

Need Supplies for Your Cannabis-Filled Valentine’s Day?

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