How to Roll A Joint

Nov 20, 2020

How to Roll A Joint

Smoking a joint is perhaps one of the most common ways to consume cannabis. While pre-rolls are readily available for convenience sake, some cannabis lovers prefer rolling their own - this method is more cost-effective as well! Whether you are a novice who's only starting to discover the world of cannabis or a budding “cannasseur” sampling various strains, we challenge you to take your personal cannabis trip to new highs by learning how to roll a joint. 

What Is a Joint? 

A joint is a cannabis cigarette filled with dried cannabis flowers derived from the marijuana plant. The buds are grinded and neatly tucked into thin sheets of rolling paper made of either hemp, rice, wood, pulp, or flax. They can be rolled manually by hand or using a machine and include the use of a paper filter. When you combine cannabis with tobacco, it technically becomes a spliff and when tobacco paper is used, it's called a blunt.

Joints are a popular choice among many cannabis users because of the potency and convenience it offers. You don't need to carry any extra hardware, unlike if you're smoking with a glass pipe or a bong. All you need are your rolling papers and a handy lighter!

Many cannabis users also love the fact that you only need one hit to get high with a joint - the effects are immediate. You can share it while hanging out with friends, taking turns and passing the joint around or kill the spark after a puff to save it for later.

Expert tip: When shopping for joint essentials, go for unbleached rolling paper or super-slow burning wraps.

How Much Cannabis Should I Use In My Joint? 

Mastering the art of how to roll a joint is a creative way to explore different cannabis strains. The majority of commercially-available pre-rolls typically contain one full or half gram. We suggest using only a half gram of ground cannabis buds and a small-sized rolling paper to start. It's an excellent starting point for people who are only learning to roll a joint for the first time and a decent dose everybody can enjoy. 

Later on, when you've polished your joint rolling skills, you can move on to king-sized cones and rolling papers packed with a full gram, perfect for experienced cannabis smokers who have a higher tolerance.

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How To Roll a Joint for Beginners 

Teaching yourself how to roll a joint is not rocket science but, in order to succeed, you need to have the right materials on hand.

What You'll Need: 

Instructions: (H3)

  1. Grind the cannabis buds.
    Break down your dried cannabis flowers into smaller particles using a grinder. If you don't have a cannabis grinder within reach, you can also do this process manually with your hands or using a pair of scissors. However, there's a risk of damaging the cannabis trichomes and failing to produce the same fine consistency in size and texture, which may negatively affect your smoking experience.
  2. Make your own joint filter.
    You can buy ready-made filters or you can make your own by using thin cardboard or cardstock. Cut out a rectangular-shaped piece, make an accordion fold, and then roll it until you reach the perfect thickness for your joint. 
    The filter serves as the mouthpiece for your joint. Some cannabis lovers can do without a filter but having one makes your joint more compact, more comfortable to hold with your fingers, and, most importantly, prevents you from burning your lips or inhaling bits of cannabis while you smoke.
  3. Fill the rolling paper with cannabis.
    Place your rolling paper on a clean rolling tray or any flat surface. Make sure the adhesive side is facing away from you. Load the paper with about half a gram of your preferred cannabis strain in the middle of the paper. Fill your joint evenly. Do not overstuff it. Make sure to also place your filter at one end of the paper at this stage.
  4. Roll your joint.
    Now it's time to roll! Pinch the rolling paper using your thumb and index finger. Shape your joint into a cylinder shape slowly and carefully. Make sure the ground cannabis buds are evenly distributed. Don't worry if some cannabis falls out. You can always add them back later. Continue rolling until you reach the opposite edge with the adhesive. 
  5. Seal your joint.
    Add a tiny bit of moisture to the adhesive by licking or wetting it to seal your joint. Start with the end where the filter or mouthpiece is sitting as this will help guide the paper as it rolls around itself. Once the paper is glued down on one end, you can work your way down the rest of the joint ensuring it’s properly sealed.
  6.  Finish your joint.
    Pack the end of the joint to ensure an even burn. At this stage, you can also use a pen to pack down the cannabis inside the joint or add cannabis that has fallen while you were rolling. Twist the end of the rolling paper to close your joint securely.

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There are numerous techniques and opinions on how to roll a joint. It depends on personal preference and whatever is most comfortable/easier for the consumer. You can tweak your style as you learn more tricks from your cannabis-loving friends or credible sources online. We encourage you to roll your joints big or small and experiment with various types of rolling papers to see which ones best complement the flavour and aroma of each cannabis strain.

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