7 Canadian Cannabis Influencers You Should Follow

Jun 04, 2021

The legalization of cannabis for recreational and medicinal use in Canada in 2018 has quickly become a popular subject among online conversations. Because of its taboo nature in most parts of the world, the cannabis industry is restricted when it comes to online advertising opportunities, with ads often blocked by major social media platforms. Fortunately, Canadian cannabis companies and marketers have found a way to communicate and promote their brand’s message and products – and that is by partnering with cannabis influencers. 

Influencers play an important role in the development of the cannabis industry. Just like the budtenders at Smokey’s, these influencers are the ones who play the part of educators in raising positive awareness about its benefits and promote products that can be beneficial to those who need them most. 

Whether you’re a beginner wanting reliable information on strains, an enthusiast seeking unbiased and meaningful cannabis content, or an aspiring entrepreneur searching for connections, these influencers can help you navigate the world of cannabis in a way that’s relatable and fun!

Let’s look at some Canadian cannabis influencers that will blaze up your feeds with high-quality content.

Canadian Cannabis Influencers: Lifestyle

Having a massive following on Instagram has a lot to do with visual aesthetics. The same goes with successful cannabis influencers, as their profiles are mixed with relevant information and eye-catching, alluring posts that are worth sharing on your Insta-stories. 

1. Vee (@fallforlove)

Vee is a translator, floral designer, and visual artist who travels all over the country. Aside from her neutral-toned, savvy feed, Vee became one of the most celebrated Canadian cannabis influencers because of her honesty when sharing her struggles with chronic pain, and how cannabis helps in relieving symptoms.

She expresses that aside from cannabis, the act of creating and curating content lowers the anxiety she feels from her day-to-day struggles, assisting in her overall healing process that inspires many. Her chic photos and witty captions definitely help, too!

2. Seth Rogen (@sethrogen)

If you’re wondering how famous Canadian cannabis lover and actor Seth Rogen ended up in the lifestyle category, it’s because of his blossoming pottery career that he chronicles on his feed. Along with his impressive online display of ceramics, Rogen continues to advocate cannabis use on a regular basis. Cannabis is known to spark creativity, along with its many beneficial effects, and Rogen’s feed is a true blue example of this trait. 

Canadian Cannabis Influencers: Wellness

Cannabis is slowly becoming a wellness trend in areas where it is legal, and these influencers aim to educate and promote cannabis as a healing aid for stress and pain relief.

3. Carley (@truenorth.wellness)

This upbeat Canadian cannabis influencer is a holistic nutritionist based in Toronto, who strongly advocates the use of CBD as a healing agent for body and mental ailments. Her Instagram feed is an absolute wellness goldmine filled with wholesome recipes, book recommendations, affirmations, and infographics to help understand bodily functions and cycles. A true purveyor of a balanced lifestyle, Carley ensures that she inspires her followers to lead clean lives and take advantage of CBD’s many benefits. 

4. Elias Theodorou (@eliastheodorou)

Being an athlete is not all guts and glory, as it also entails many broken bones and pains associated with injuries. Toronto-based mixed martial arts star, Elias Theodorou, is a “sanctioned Cannabis athlete,” by @athletes4care, and advocates the use of medicinal marijuana as natural pain “releaf”. He was the first athlete granted Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) to be able to compete outside of his country as he deals with bilateral neuropathy and arthritis without using opioids.

In one of his Instagram posts, he states, “It is important to continuously advocate for the medicinal benefits of cannabis and our right as athletes to be able to utilize it,” and we couldn’t agree more!

5. Philippe Dépault (@phildepault)

This Montreal-based Canadian cannabis influencer founded Maitri, an eco-conscious accessories collection tailored for cannabis enthusiasts who lead active lifestyles. Philippe is a true trailblazer, as he is known to be an avid cyclist and runner, speeding his way to leave trails for positive cannabis awareness. 

Canadian Cannabis Influencers: Education

The world of cannabis is a growing industry – literally and figuratively – and these cannabis influencers are paving the way to create a fully informed cannabis culture for everyone to access. 

6. Gill Pollard (@the_herblife)

The Her(B) Life Instagram Post

Pollard is a Vancouver-based influencer, and the chief creative officer of The Her(B) Life, a multimedia company celebrating the feminine cannabis experience through print, audio, and digital storytelling.

“There’s an abundance of pictures of pretty blonde girls, but not as many of different ethnicities and genders. There’s also tons of conversation around stigma, especially among moms,” said Pollard. Pollard is also the host of the “High Friends” podcast which creates a safe space for information dissemination about the healing properties of cannabis.

7. Jodie Emery (@jodieemery)

If there’s anything that Jodie Emery truly represents, it’s absolute cannabis freedom! Emery is a politician, cannabis rights activist, and founder of Cannabis Culture Magazine. Dubbed as the “Princess of Pot,” Emery is one of the personalities who pushed for the legalization of cannabis and uses her Instagram account to chronicle her journey, educate the masses on responsible cannabis use, cultivation, and relevant political discussions falling under the realm of legalization. Most importantly Emery uses her account to flaunt her impressive, envy-inducing home grows!

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