Things to Do High: Interactive Experiences in Toronto

Oct 08, 2021

It’s normal to want to go exploring when buzzed. While hiking or munchies-searching around town can be inviting activities, going to interactive exhibits is definitely beyond the normal. Imagine stepping into a multi-dimensional space with an audio-visual experience while you’re floating internally after a good toke?

In this post, Smokey’s will give you a virtual tour of the best interactive things to do high in Toronto. Before heading out and experiencing these in-person activities, visit our newest location at 1881 Queen Street East in the Beaches and make sure to stock up on all your smoking essentials for your trip!

Toronto Tripping: Interactive Events and Things to Do While High

Bathe in Light and Sound at the Beyond Monet Show

A Monet painting

Known as “Toronto’s Most Immersive Experience,” Beyond Monet is absolutely one of the things that you should put on your list when thinking of things to do high in the city. The interactive gallery offers an audio-visual experience through Claude Monet’s impressionist paintings. The exhibit promises an unusual exhibit experience that combines music, sound effects, and projection through a three-part multi-sensory experience. 

Upon entering, you’ll become “one” with the paintings as they come to life and swirl around the space, immersing you in colour and light. Sounds epic, right? Just imagine experiencing this if you’re buzzed! Click here to see available slots for you and your group.

Metro Toronto Convention Centre
225 Front Street West Toronto, ON M5V 2W6

Bend Your Reality at the Museum of Illusions 

Whether you’re up for an adventure, looking to broaden your knowledge, or just trying to feed your buzzed curiosity, then the Museum of Illusions is the place for you. The museum fuses learning and entertainment with its multiple exhibits that show its features in illusions. Enjoy over 80 illusions, holograms, and installations. Truly a unique visual and sensory experience, the museum can host individuals and groups of all ages. When planning your day trip at the Museum of Illusions, make sure to grab some edibles and beverages to set you off in a perfect mood. 

132 Front St. E, Toronto ON M5A 1E2

Get Trippy at the Van Gogh Exhibit

If you’ve always been a fan of the works of the legendary artist, then this immersive Van Gogh exhibit is one of the best things to do high in Toronto. Get ready to be immersed in 600,000 cubic feet of stunning projection that shows the works of Van Gogh, and walk through animated detail and brush strokes for your high’s pleasure. From the artist’s sunny landscapes to his scenic nights, and even his still life and portraits, you’ll feel like you’re truly a part of his masterpiece. 

Aside from all of that, there are even Van Gogh-inspired yoga and barre flow classes, just in case you’re feeling active enough to utilize your buzz even more. Visit the official website of the exhibit for more information regarding tickets and slots. 

1 Yonge St. Toronto, ON M5E 1W7

Step Into the Bata Shoe Museum 

Want to look at as many shoes as you can at the same time? This interesting and unique museum houses some of the most interesting pieces of footwear found around the world. From the historical to the modern, the pieces are curated and presented in ways that will make you curious and interested. Aside from being able to learn about shoes from different cultures and styles, you can also explore the world of dolls – and their footwear – in their newest exhibit opening October 2! 

327 Bloor Street W., Toronto, ON

Geek Out at the Ontario Science Centre 

Tagged as one of the first interactive museums in the world, the Ontario Science Centre houses many exhibitions and installations that present knowledge in the most fun way possible. Whether you’re looking for something to fulfill your curiosity or just want to experience a science-fuelled trip, you can never go wrong by visiting the Science Centre.

770 Don Mills Rd., North York, ON

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