The Best Places to Go Ice Skating in Toronto

Jan 26, 2022

During the winter season, outdoor ice skating is something that’s ingrained in all Torontonians. There’s just something about the sound and feeling of our skates gliding across the ice that sparks a homey feeling of warmth and joy. It’s also a fun way to spend time outdoors with friends and family, especially if the setting is ideal! 

In this post, Smokey’s will guide you on where to go when looking for outdoor ice skating spots in Toronto. Before sharpening your skates, make sure to head to our online shop to elevate your skating trip experience!

First, let’s discuss another important ice skating essential: the best strains to smoke or bring for this activity! 

The Best Strains For Nature Tripping and Ice Skating in Toronto

There’s nothing like the feeling of being relaxed in nature, whether you’re heading to a lake for your ice skating trip or planning an all-around wintery camping trip. Picking the right strains can elevate your outdoor ice skating Toronto experience, and can even make you appreciate the breathtaking scenery even more! 

Here are our top picks for the best strains to consume when ice skating:

A woman picking out dried cannabis flowers from a container

Platinum Cookies 

This sweet and spicy sativa-dominant strain has a body high that will energize you for your outdoor ice skating Toronto experience. Additionally, it offers a cerebral buzz that’s ideal for social situations, and can spark up interesting conversations between you and your buddies!

Green Banner

These heavily frosted buds will match the wintertime vibe of an outdoor ice skating rink in the city. A product of the OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel hybrid, this strain packs a high-THC content that provides a balanced sativa and indica high. 

Island Honey

A BC-born bud, this strain has emerald green buds with milky trichomes that offer a satisfying blend of aromas perfect for an outdoor ice skating adventure. As a select phenotype of Jack Herer, It has the ability to tingle the senses and get you in the mood for some skating fun. 

Now that we’ve got you armed with some choice strains to set the vibe and mood, let us show you where to bring your loved ones and friends for your next ice skating trip! 

Top Spots for Outdoor Skating in Toronto

The Bentway Skating Trail

During winter, this public space turns a space underneath the Gardiner Expressway into a 220-metre long outdoor skating trail. What makes it unique is its figure-eight shape, stretching from Strachan Avenue to Bathurst Street. As one of the best outdoor skating Toronto spots, it also boasts a winter village that serves alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks for spectators and skaters. Best of all, it also features warming stations that will balance and even out your body temperature. The site also offers free ice skating lessons for kids and adults. 

Location: 250 Fort York Blvd

Monarch Park Ice Rink

This 5-metre park near Coxwell and Danforth has everything: from an outdoor pool to an off-leash pet area. And of course, a massive ice rink. This is an ideal place to do outdoor ice skating in Toronto if you’re planning to bring the whole family together, along with your beloved furry friends. 

Location: 115 Felstead Ave

Kew Gardens

This 6.5-hectare park is located in Toronto’s Beaches neighbourhood and covers Queen Street up to Lakeshore. The ice skating rink isn’t its only pride and joy, the part also has tennis courts, open grassy areas, a baseball diamond, and a seasonal winter firepit. What makes Kew Gardens a top outdoor ice skating Toronto spot is its seasonal flower beds that give a splash of colour during the wintertime.

Location: Foot of Lee, South of Queen in the Beaches

Riverdale Park East Rink

This 18-hectare park located near Broadway Avenue and Danforth Avenue is famous for its views of the downtown Toronto skyline, which is even more spectacular during the winter. This outdoor ice skating Toronto spot has a running track, seven tennis courts, a ball hockey pad, a picnic area, and a children’s playground, aside from its spacious rink that is always filled with vibrant skaters. If you’re looking for other activities aside from ice skating, this place has many lovely trails ideal for long walks, just when you want to hit the vape or smoke a joint! 

Location: 550 Broadview Ave

Outdoor ice skating Toronto

Pick Up Some Bud for Your Outdoor Ice Skating in Toronto Experience

Before you plan your ice skating adventure, stop at Smokey’s Toronto location to keep you calm, collected, and most of all, energized! Choose from our wide range of sativa-dominant or hybrid dried flowers, edibles, topicals, vapes, extracts, and accessories that will set you off on a good ice skating trip!

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