Edmonton Tripping: Things to do While High

Sep 07, 2021

While some are satisfied with a couch-locked buzz close to their favourite snack, some prefer a more adventurous experience when it comes to enjoying the buzz of their preferred strain. Fortunately for you, Edmonton boasts many attractions that you would want to visit, or re-visit, with a bit of help from our plant friend. 

In this post, Smokey’s has compiled a list of things to do while high in Edmonton to consider the next time you find yourself buzzed. Before reading along, check out our online shop to pick up some Edmonton tripping essentials! 

1. Organize a Picnic In Capilano Park 

As part of the River Valley park systems, the designated picnic area in Capilano offers free use of canopies for you to utilize. Get all your picnic must-haves and swing by our Capilano store location at 101 Avenue NW for some goodies that are sure to enhance the experience. Gather your friends, arrange the spread, put on a chill playlist, and enjoy the warm feeling of having deep conversations in a laid-back, outdoorsy setting. 

2. Get Cultured at the Royal Alberta Museum 

Museum-hopping is a popular activity when it comes to coming up with things to do while high. The Royal Alberta Museum is Western Canada’s largest and most popular museum, which is home to a wide variety of natural and cultural historic exhibits and artifacts. Like all other museums, it also has scheduled installations and exhibitions to showcase contemporary art. A trip to this modern facility is not only a time well spent, but could also serve as a satiating visual ride.

Trip out by looking at colourful and exotic species in the improved bug room, or dig deep into our evolution by checking out installations dedicated to different Aboriginal cultures. If you’re feeling hungry, there’s a cafe and gift shop waiting for you! 

Different species of cacti on display

3. See Rare Plants at the Muttart Conservatory 

Since plant parenthood seems to be trending these days, why not take it a step further in understanding the rare and more exotic relatives of your plant children? Located near the North Saskatchewan River, the stunning, pyramid-shaped hothouses provide shelter to some of the rarest, and far-travelled plant species. The Muttart Conservatory features specific environment settings that represent different biomes found in different parts of the world, from the tropical climates of Fiji to the forests containing American Redwoods. 

Before visiting this spot, toke up on a strain that will induce a sense of curiosity and discovery, combined. A strain like Amnesia Haze will jolt your senses in such a way that you will thoroughly enjoy examining and walking through the many plant species from around the world.

4. Geek Out at the TELUS World of Science Centre 

We know how satisfying it feels to go into our geeky wormholes when buzzed. What if we told you that you can do it outside your home by paying a visit to the TELUS World of Science (TWOS)? This modern-looking building is home to many interactive, hands-on exhibits that feature space, forensics, robots, the environment, and a planetarium called the Margaret Zeidler Star Theatre. Looking at the stars and pretending you’re in zero gravity? Yes, please!

An afternoon in TWOS sounds like it should be on top of your priority list when thinking of things to do while high. Make sure to head to one of our locations nearby to grab some edibles, such as this THC Dark Chocolate bar by Bhang. It’ll send you in the right mood to unlock some of the most fascinating happenings in our science and technology history!

5. Check Out Some Wildlife at the Edmonton Zoo 

If you’re an animal lover, then visiting the Edmonton Zoo should be number one on your list of things to do while high. This classic attraction has been welcoming guests since 1959 and is home to more than 350 animals representing over 100 species. Zookeepers guide the animals around the facility so guests can engage and look at them up close. If you’re going with the family, there are plenty of activities that await: from children’s paddle boats and carousels to miniature trains. It will make the kid in you giddy as well!

a vape pen in a woman’s pocket

Need Some Fuel Before Ticking Off this List of Things to Do While High? 

Visit any of our Smokey’s locations across Edmonton! A strong contender when listing things to do while high is definitely visiting our store – we guarantee to send you packing with a pocket of buds for a fun day of discovery and eating!

Sift through our wide variety of top-grade cannabis products, such as hybrid dried flowers, vapes, and edibles to keep you on your toes when planning your adventure. Check out our selection of smoking essentials and accessories as well, and if you’re not sure what to pick, our budtenders are always happy to help and answer any questions you may have. They might even give you some local tips to add to your list of things to do while high in Edmonton!