Tips to Not Smell like Cannabis After Smoking

Dec 11, 2020

10 Tips to Not Smell like Cannabis After Smoking

If there’s one drawback to smoking cannabis, it’s having to deal with the strong, lingering smell afterwards. If you’re planning a night-in with cannabis at home and you don’t live with anyone who minds, then it’s no problem. However, if you still have a long day ahead of you or are going to be around people (maybe at your holiday family gatherings) and are concerned about bothering those who may find the stench unpleasant, here are 10 tips on how you can cleverly smoke and avoid any cannabis smell.

Let’s get started!

1. Smoke Outdoors or in a Well-Ventilated Area

“Hotboxing” or lighting up your preferred method of inhalation in an enclosed space with poor air circulation will guarantee a cannabis smell sticking to every inch of your body. Your best bet is to scout for outdoor smoking locations like a balcony, rooftop, backyard, or garden to prevent this from happening.

A group of friends sitting on a bench in a park

2. Don’t Smoke Downwind

When enjoying a smoking session with your buddies, don’t stand in the spot where the smoke is blowing. This way, you won’t be bathing in the smoke and reeking of cannabis smell afterwards. When you’re smoking alone, you can tilt your head and release the smoke upwards or in the opposite direction.

3. Optimize Air Circulation

If your options are limited for whatever reason and you have no choice but to smoke your cannabis indoors, you can promote healthy air circulation. Open at least two windows to create a wind tunnel effect and turn on an electric fan that pushes the air from the inside out.

4. Store Your Cannabis Stash in an Air-Tight Container

Storing your dried cannabis flowers in a properly sealed container has several benefits. It effectively preserves the freshness, flavour, and aroma of the strain, prevents mould from forming, and keeps pesky insects like flies from contaminating your supply. In addition, it will also prevent the cannabis smell from getting out and spreading into the entire room. 

For this purpose, we especially love Evak Air-Tight Glass Container. It’s made of high-quality borosilicate glass that locks in freshness longer and lets you store up to 28 grams of your favourite cannabis strain.

5. Keep a Sploof Within Reach

If you love smoking cannabis but hate the aftermath of cannabis smell, you have to equip yourself with a sploof. It’s a cylindrical device with a built-in filtering mechanism. You exhale into it, and nothing gets out. You can choose to purchase a sploof or do a quick DIY one; all you need is an empty toilet paper roll and dryer sheets. Cover one end of the roll with a couple of the dryer sheets and secure it with an elastic band. Voila!

6. Wash Your Face and Hands, or Better Yet, Take A Shower

Whether you’re smoking cannabis as a pre-roll, a hand pipe, or a bong, the cannabis smell almost always lingers on your face and fingertips the most. The powerful aroma of the cannabis strain from its terpenes can also soak in your hair and beard. 

Remove all traces of the cannabis smell by scrubbing your face and hands thoroughly with soap and running water. If you’re not pressed for time, take a long, hot shower for good measure. On the contrary, if you’re on the go or anywhere without access to a proper washroom, you can:

  • Clean your face thoroughly with wet wipes. Make sure you concentrate on your mouth and lip area, especially if you have facial hair, which tends to trap cannabis smell the longest. 
  • Cleanse your hands with a sanitizer, focusing on the fingertips. Sometimes, the cannabis smell is too strong, so a few extra pumps of sanitizer wouldn’t hurt. 
  • Apply lotion afterwards to conceal any lingering smell with the fragrance and prevent your skin from drying.

Close up of a person washing their hands

7. Neutralize Cannabis Smell with Natural Air Fresheners

Chemical-based and commercially available room deodorizers may not be as effective in hiding cannabis smell. It turns out natural air fresheners like incense, essential oils, and scented candles do a better job of neutralizing cannabis smell. After your smoking session, open the windows for at least one hour to circulate indoor air. Then, you can light up natural incense like sandalwood or diffuse essential oils with a refreshingly powerful smell like eucalyptus, lavender, or bergamot.

8. Freshen Up Your Breath

No matter how much effort you put into cleaning your space and getting rid of the odour stuck in your clothes or carpet floors, all of it would be in vain if you don’t do something about your 

breath. Brush your teeth and gargle with a strong-scented mouthwash as soon as possible after smoking cannabis. Popping in some mints or chewing on gum can be extra-useful, too.

9. Put Your Hair Up

The smell of cannabis can stick to your hair (just like it sticks to beards). Take the proactive step to keep your hair out of your face by tying it in a bun. Some cannabis-loving people strategically wear a hat to cover their hair from the odour. 

10. Have a Set of “Stink Clothes”

Just as men in the 1850s had smoking jackets to protect their clothes from the smell of tobacco, you can also have a designated smoking jacket for cannabis or a set of clothes to always wear whenever you feel like lighting up. When you’re done, you can change and throw your “stink clothes” in the washing machine.

Other Ways to Consume Cannabis Minus the Smell

If you think it’s too much work to cover up the cannabis smell, there are other hassle-free ways to consume cannabis. You can always do edibles, brew your own cannabis tea, or infuse your everyday food and beverages with THC or CBD oils.

Check out our impressive collection of cannabis essentials to see which one best fits your needs. If you have questions, shoot us a message! A member of our team will be happy to assist you.