Everything You Need to Know About the Ice Cream Strain

Dec 16, 2021

There are some strains that just stand out among the rest, even with their name alone. If you happen to have a sweet tooth, then the Ice Cream Cake is a dream come true. The Ice Cream Cake strain is renowned for its delectable creamy, dessert-like taste and deep, calming effects. 

With a delightful taste reminiscent of vanilla ice cream, the Ice Cream Strain boasts a 22 to 25% THC content that will send you into a balmy sense of undisturbed relaxation. What makes this indica-dominant strain unique is its strong sativa genetics, even if it is barely a quarter of its make-up. Aside from its knock-out buzz, the Ice Cream Cake strain is revered for its crystalline sheen, with rich trichomes frosting its purple and green buds. 

In this post, Smokey’s will guide you through every single detail there is to know about the Ice Cream Cake Strain. Before reading along, don’t forget to visit our online store to check out some of our new offerings and seasonal discounts!

Brief History of the Ice Cream Cake Strain 

Ice Cream Cake is the brainchild of a popular grower called “Jbeezy” from Dutch company, Seed Junky Genetics. The experimental grower has a decorated resume, as he is also credited for the existence of some of the most potent strains in the industry such as Pineapple Fuze, Animal Mints and the Wedding Cake strain, to which he crossed with the strain Gelato #33 to produce this creamy variant.

Since its entrance to the market, the Ice Cream Cake strain has always been popular for its aroma and taste of creamy vanilla notes, mixed with refreshing earthy pine and topped off with a sweet, inviting candy scent. 

Effects of Ice Cream Cake Strain 

Dried cannabis flowers and gold-plated Shine cone

Upon the inhale, the strain offers a full-bodied tangy, skunky undertone that sets the stage for a cerebral rush. As the excitement sets in, you will start to feel heavily relaxed. After a few puffs, you might find it hard to stay awake, which is why this strain is often medically prescribed for those who find it hard to get a good night’s sleep

Those who have tried the Ice Cream Cake strain take note of its unique effect of being stimulated despite feeling calm. This is due to the strong sativa genetics of the strain. Novice tokers should take into account the amount of bud to consume, as the effects can be overwhelming for first-timers. Users also report that the strain offers a pleasant, parachute letdown, making it an ideal toke just before going to bed. 

Emotional Effects: 

  • Relaxed
  • Happy
  • Calm
  • Stimulated

This Strain Has Been Studied to Help With 

  • Chronic pain
  • Muscle aches
  • Insomnia
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Migraine

Cultivating the Ice Cream Cake Strain 

Growing the Ice Cream Cake strain from seed or cuttings can be challenging, mainly because its parents are special strains that are grown by seasoned cultivators. If you happen to get your hands on these grade A+ seeds, treat them with high regard. Experts suggest growing this strain indoors through the Sea of Green (SOG) method as it is often dubbed as the “Ferrari” of strains because it grows at a speedy rate. 

You can start by germinating the seeds, filling a five-gallon bucket with organic soil, and adding your preferred fertilizer blend. Place the bucket(s) in tents and use reflective lining on the inside to concentrate your light. To induce flowering, you will need to apply a 12-hour light and 12-hour dark schedule for it to start flowering in eight to nine weeks. Expect to yield 18 ounces per square metre when grown indoors. To maximize your grow, prune and use a green screen. 

When growing outdoors, you will need to prep the soil before planting the seeds, as the Ice Cream Cake strain tends to be more onerous than other strains. The plants grow tall and wide, so be sure to pick a large area with plenty of room, vertically and horizontally. There are chances that the temperature will drop during nighttime, which is why you will still need to install outdoor lighting to maintain a warm temperature. 

Provide your plants with enough airflow and proper ventilation to keep excess moisture out. This will also prevent mould, fungus, and mildew from appearing on the stalks and leaves. 

An Overview of the Ice Cream Cake Strain 

Two hands and a couple of dried cannabis flower buds

Aside from its creamy flavour and relaxing effects, the Ice Cream Cake strain is a high-potent, medical-grade picking. Its delicate, colourful flowers are soft and come apart easily, making it ideal for smoking bowls and a quick toke. Because of its strong set of soothing effects that will make you want to hit the hay, this strain is definitely a nighttime toke. 

Aside from its peace-inducing, relaxing effect, its possible medicinal benefits make it a top-grade strain. It’s no surprise that it was the recipient of a few awards in the High Life Cup Hemp Fair in 2008 and 2009 (second place, Hydro category, third place Bio category).

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