The Best Edmonton Restaurants to Satisfy the Munchies

Sep 03, 2021

While there are many ways a toking session can end, fulfilling your munchies’ desires is a priority that everyone eventually surrenders to. There are a bunch of Edmonton restaurants that offer a wide range of options, for when you’re feeling like satisfying your sweet tooth or going for something on the savoury side. 

Before you make any reservations for a spot in these Edmonton restaurants, make sure to visit the Smokey’s shop to pick out munchies-inducing essentials to get you going!

Edmonton Restaurants for Savoury Bliss 

Whether you and your friends are in the mood for a sit down dinner after consuming a sativa-dominant strain, or are grabbing takeaway for a night in, these top Edmonton restaurants offer everything to satisfy your munchies. 

Blue Plate Diner 

This retro-themed Edmonton restaurant has quirky vintage decor that will teleport you to the rockabilly era. Try their signature dish called “Full Works,” which is a breakfast platter with roasted potatoes, homemade sausages, eggs, and toast. It comes with a strong cup of coffee, to keep you jolted for a follow-up toke. The lunch and dinner menus feature favourites from all over the globe, such as the English shepherd’s pie, Asian spring rolls, and even Italian staples like gnocchi. You can’t go wrong with Edmonton restaurants that offer versatility in one place! 

As a bonus tip, toke up on our Stuffed French Toast strain to complete the all-day breakfast experience! 

Say Uncle 

While there are a lot of Edmonton restaurants to be indulged upon, there are some that really stand out. Say Uncle, a burger and sandwich restaurant, is slowly getting more and more social media acclaim, and for good reasons. They serve mouthwatering, southern-style barbeque and classic American sandwiches and burgers to satisfy your cravings. Their sides are equally as appealing, with choices ranging from poutine, salad, buffalo cauliflower, mac and cheese, and of course, chicken wings. Say Uncle also offers cocktails and craft beers, if you’re feeling like you want to take your buzz to the next level!

Three friends enjoy pizza from an Edmonton restaurant

Cosmic Pizza & Donair 

If you’re thinking of Edmonton restaurants that never fail to disappoint, then you should head over to Cosmic Pizza & Donair. There are a lot of reasons why this place is deeply ingrained in the hearts of Edmonton locals, and their affordable prices are one of them. Share their X Large Pizza with your friends for dine-in, takeaway, or delivery. If you feel like you need some variety, try their combo packages that include wings, two types of pizza, and some soda. You can also indulge in their wide range of donairs and poutines. It definitely sounds like the perfect munchies combination for us!

Ramen Misoya 

There’s a lot of variety when it comes to Edmonton restaurants, and Ramen Misoya is a true testament to that. Their bestselling Tonkotsu Black Garlic Ramen is comfort food in the making and would go well with a relaxed buzz from strains like Lemon Berry or Mango Kush. If you’re seeking something different, try their Cold Ramen, which is a favourite summer meal in Japan. Before you sip on your bowl of tasty ramen, don’t forget to visit our downtown location just a couple of blocks away to refuel your stash box!

Edmonton Restaurants for Sweet Seduction 

We’ve all been there and we know how it feels. When the munchies kick in, we need to follow where it leads us. If you’re out and about, here’s a list of Edmonton restaurants that will meet and exceed your craving’s expectations.

Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt 

A soothing toke and frozen yogurt sound like a good pair, that’s because it is! Menchie’s, a frozen yogurt chain, continues to please consumers with its tasty selection of yogurt, toppings, and flavour combinations. No matter what your frozen yogurt dreams may be, Menchie’s will make it a reality. 

It helps that Menchie’s and “munchies” sound alike, and both are synonymous to a great time! Before heading there, make a quick stop at our locations nearby to pick up some smoking essentials to give you the motivation to expand your horizons and try different flavours next time!

Doughnut Party 

What happens when you go creative and adventurous in making doughnuts? It turns out to be a Doughnut Party! This playful doughnut shop is also an artisanal bakery that offers unusual creations that will not only satisfy your sweet tooth but will also get you feeling more creative when it comes to desserts! The flavours of their gourmet doughnuts include the Sangria Fritter, jam-filled bismarcks, B’Day Cookie Crumble, and the Fancy Boy, which combines rum with cream, caramel, and cheese buttercream. 

Stop by Smokey’s Before Heading to These Edmonton Restaurants! 

If all of these Edmonton restaurants spiked your appetite, it’s only right to replenish your smoking essentials to keep the feeling constant. Visit any of our locations all around Edmonton and browse through our selection of dried flowers, vapes, edibles, and more. If you can’t wait to eat out, pick up some pre-rolls on the way! Our helpful budtenders will gladly walk you through and reveal strain information so you can decide which ones will fit best for your preference. 

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