8 Valentine’s Day Edibles for Budding Romances

Feb 11, 2021

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate it than to indulge in something that’s absolutely delicious and “mind-blowing.” If you’re lucky enough to have a partner who likes to indulge in edibles every now and then, then these cannabis-infused goodies are sure to impress. From chocolate edibles to soft chews, you’ll have fun just browsing through the choices! 

Before we look at some delicious chocolate edibles, let’s talk about how eating cannabis became a staple in the industry.

Chocolate edibles are a popular choice as V-day presents.

A Brief History of Edibles

Eating cannabis makes you buzzed. Seems such an obvious thought, right? Apparently, early humans thought so too. Robyn Lawrence Griggs, author of the book “Pot In Pans: A History of Eating Cannabis,” shares that eating cannabis dates back 50,000 years ago. 

During the Middle Stone Age (or shall we say stoned age?), people would wander around and eat whatever they feel is nutritious, hoping that it wouldn’t kill them. Ethnobotanists believe that cannabis was one of the first plants they experimented on. From those days, early humans entered the Neolithic period, when cannabis was cultivated for food, fibre, medicine, and for some bodily high. They might not have had anything fancy like gummies or chocolate edibles back then, but they definitely made it work.

Eating cannabis during the Stone Age mirrors what anthropologists coin as “the great leap” of human culture. This was when art, music, agriculture, and even religion all began during a time when historians can connect the consumption of cannabis. By 1100 CE, ancient Indians and Middle Easterners were already making what is known to be “the first edible.” Mahjoun is a dessert made of hash rolled with spices, sweeteners and other ingredients – imagine an energy ball that makes you incredibly spaced out. 

In the same region, a hash drink called bhang was a common beverage to serve guests. In some rural areas, bhang is said to cure sunstroke, fever, indigestion, and phlegm problems. Ayurvedic and Tibbi rituals associate bhang as a treatment for rheumatism and as a mood stabilizer. Warriors were said to drink it to be more courageous, and newlyweds would have some to increase their libido. 

Fast forward to present times, cannabis has now been developed as the active ingredient of recreational and more modern edibles. 

How Much THC Is in Chocolate Edibles?

If you’re unsure about your or your partner’s tolerance level, don’t worry. Edibles affect everyone differently. If taken in rational doses, it can set the mood for a relaxed and laid back Valentine’s Day date. If you want to know how chocolate edibles and candies can affect you, here’s a helpful dosage guide chart. After all, it’s important to be informed and stay prepared.

Once you’re ready to dive in, here’s a selection of chocolate edibles, soft chews, and candies perfect for your Valentine’s Day. Just take a cue from the ancient Indians, it could probably help increase your libido, too!

Chocolate edibles and cannabis buds in a heart-shaped box

V-Day Chocolate Edibles and Candies: A Gift Guide

1. Dark Chocolate Bar with Almonds by Phat420

Dark chocolate edibles have become such a trendy, irresistible dessert these days due to being a “healthier choice” compared to milk chocolate. Phat420 has even made this dark chocolate bar even better by adding almonds and 10mg of THC. Share this 30g bar with your significant other after a nice dinner, and set the mood for a chilled out cuddle session. 

2. Caramel Half Moons Chocolate by Aurora Drift

Close up of Aurora Drift Caramel Half Moons chocolate edibles

These hand-poured and hand-painted chocolate edibles are pretty to look at, just like your significant other. The spheres are made of ethically sourced chocolates, with a caramel center for a sweeter punch. Meant to give a longer-lasting and more convenient experience than combustibles, each pack has 10mg of THC with five evenly dosed chocolates. 

3. Salted Caramel Chocolate Square by Foray

Salted caramel chocolate edibles? Sign me up. That’s probably what your partner will say after taking this beauty out of your pocket. This delectable treat is made of all natural ingredients with chocolate from Belgium and Ghana, sourced by global cocoa producer, Barry Callebaut. Each square is perfectly balanced with 10mg of THC and 10mg of CBD, and has a mild indica-sativa blend. 

4. CBD Candy Cane Crush Milk Chocolate by Legend

Close up of a candy cane chocolate edible

With 20mg of CBD and 1mg of THC, this treat is made of 46% milk chocolate that boasts a natural flavour. Topped with crushed candy cane, the bar is scored into four equal pieces, making it perfect for sharing or storing aside. This is the perfect chocolate edible to take the edge off after an eventful day (filled with romance, we suppose). 

4. Bytes Gingerbread Milk Chocolate Truffles by Edison

Experience a delicately spicy gingerbread flavour mixed with rich chocolate in each bite. Edison is running these delicious treats for a limited time only, so make sure that you get one before they run out. The pack has two truffle balls, each containing 5mg of THC. One for you, and one for your partner. 

5. Mango Sativa Soft Chew by Wana

Wana Mango Sativa Soft Chew edibles

It’s not all about chocolate edibles when it comes to infused goodies. These sweet and sour soft, handcrafted chews have bright notes of mango with elevated bursts of citrus. They’re gluten-free, vegan and infused with 10mg of CBD and 10mg of THC. Need we say more?

6. Spearmint Chillers Hard Candies by Aurora Drift

Do you feel like a make out session is about to happen? Hit two birds with one stone with these refreshing spearmint candies. Each pack contains 10mg of THC evenly distributed into five drops, so feel free to save a few for an after-dinner treat. There’s nothing better than matching your buzz with a minty-fresh feeling. 

7. Snax Mint Milk Chocolate by TrailBlazer

Close up of TrailBlazer chocolate edibles

This flavour doesn’t come too often in the world of chocolate edibles. Take advantage of this opportunity by purchasing this classic from TrailBlazer. Each bar contains 10mg of THC divided into five portions, making it a good bar for sharing. It has a mildly sweet chocolate flavour mixed with a mint overtone. Have it before or after dinner for a smooth night’s ending. 

Candy & Chocolate Edibles – The Sweetest Valentine’s Day Gift

Smokey’s has got you covered. Stock up on a wide selection of chocolate edibles, infused beverages, hard candies, soft chews, and teas that will add a fancy buzz to any budding romance.

We recommend making your night even more memorable with some flowers –  the kind you can smoke. Contact us today and browse through our range of dried flowers to complete the experience.