Smokey's In-Store Experience: Toronto Edition

Nov 12, 2021

Do you live in Toronto’s east end and are looking for a dispensary with immaculate vibes, knowledgeable budtenders, and affordable bud? If so, we’ve got great news!

Smokey’s recently opened a new location in Toronto – right in the heart of the Beaches! 

In this post, we will take you through the ins and outs of the new location so you can navigate through our offerings and exclusive in-store deals. Expect top-notch customer service and premium cannabis products, combined with a seamless dispensary experience all in one location. 

Welcome, Toronto! 

Conveniently located at 1881 Queen St. E at the corner of Queen and Woodbine (just north of Woodbine beach), the new Smokey’s store in Toronto is now open to serve you.

Our new Toronto location features our striking purple theme, which can be seen throughout the store in the smallest details. From our purple couch to our displays, our entire store is designed to provide you with a seamless, visually appealing dispensary experience. 

We know how important it is to enter a store and instantly feel comfortable or at ease. Our goal is to be able to cater to customers no matter what they’re looking for. If you wish to come in and browse without interacting with our staff, our self-check-out kiosks got you covered. On the other hand, our in-house staff members are always ready and willing to recommend their personal faves or answer any questions you may have.

Take advantage of what our budtenders know and ask them about our wide selection of accessories, pre-rolls, edibles, or anything else you might be interested in trying – all at the best prices. 

Smoking accessories and essentials displayed for customers to see

Smokey’s Toronto: A Pressure-Free Dispensary Experience

Visiting a dispensary should be a comfortable experience from start to finish. From the moment you step into the premises, up to the verbal exchange with the staff that leads to the purchase, every second of your dispensary experience should be warm, informative, and satisfying. 

This is exactly what Smokey’s Toronto aims to provide its customers: an informative, and pressure-free dispensary experience. Our staff, along with the knowledgeable budtenders, take their time to make sure that every little detail is put into place, with no products hidden behind the sales counter. 

Everyone can agree that there is nothing worse than walking into a store where none of the products have any pricing. The Smokey’s team fully understands the importance of transparency when walking inside a dispensary. All products are displayed and laid out on the sales floor with pricing listed beside each one. We practice a “customer-first approach,” with the staff always ensuring that they see things from a consumer’s point of view. 

What Sets Smokey’s Apart from Other Toronto Dispensaries?

If you’re asking what makes Smokey’s the best neighbourhood shop compared to other dispensaries, the answer is simple. 

Perhaps the biggest difference between Smokey’s and all other dispensaries in Toronto is the superior customer service we guarantee we will provide. Each member of the staff is trained on product knowledge, allowing them to match the right cannabis product to the customer

Smokey’s also offers competitive pricing, not just on the price tags, but with our in-store deals as well. If you consider yourself an avid cannabis consumer, then you’ll find our discount arrangements more than appealing. Smokey’s has a beneficial loyalty program called SmokePerks that offers frequent discounts to repeat customers, allowing for more savings and access to top-grade items. 

Speaking of discounts, Smokey’s Toronto has exciting promotions all throughout the Christmas season to elevate your holi-daze experience – trust us, you don’t want to miss out!

In the new Toronto location, Smokey’s will also proudly carry its line of merch that customers love. Enjoy wearing quality-made apparel and protective gear with the stylish Smokey’s logo and its purple/white colourway.

A woman wearing a Smokey’s branded sweater and protective face mask

All of these, combined with a shopper-friendly store layout make Smokey’s Toronto a hassle and pressure-free neighbourhood dispensary.

Visit Smokey’s Toronto Store for All Your Cannabis Needs

Smokey’s Toronto is a one-stop shop for all of your cannabis needs. Whether you’re looking for a specific strain, or for a high-quality set of smoking essentials, you’ll find it at the new location. If you are looking for a particular product or accessory that is not available in the current inventory, we will do our best to try and get it in our store for you! 

Come visit us today and say hello! We can’t wait to get to know everyone. Get in touch with us today, or visit our Instagram page for more information.