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Artisan Batch

Cereal Milk

Hybrid THC 20% - 26% CBD 0% - 2%


Artisan Batch prides itself on taking local growers from across Canada and giving them national exposure. For more than five years, KRFT in Newfoundland has been growing unforgettable cannabis strains for Canadians to consume -- KRFT Cereal Milk is no different. This unique strain is a cross between Y Life (Cookies and Cherry Pie) and Snowman, resulting in a rare and evenly balanced 50-50 hybrid. Cereal Milk is grown hydroponically indoors in Eazy Grow coco pyramids. The entire plant is then hang dried and cold cured for 21 days, burping it daily to allow moisture and CO2 to escape the jars. Thanks to being carefully hand-trimmed, Cereal Milk boasts sugary, orange-pistilled dark green and purple buds that smell and taste like left-over cereal milk.