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Atomic Eh

Goombay Indica Live Resin X Cartridge

Indica-Dominant THC 84% - 86% CBD 0% - 2%


Atomic Eh Goombay Live Resin X vape cartridges contain a remarkable product. Goombay Live Resin and distillate have been combined to create a potent vape cartridge that retains an incredible two to six per cent terpene profile from the original cultivar, with a strong skunk-like aroma. All Atomic Eh Live Resin is extracted via our advanced proprietary hydrocarbon process. Atomic Eh! was founded by Chief Allan Adam, who says, 'Just like everyone else, I have a passion. I am passionate about my land, my people, my Indigenous roots and cannabis! I founded Atomic Eh! with the mission to bring high-potency products to market and increase the Indigenous footprint in the industry!'