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Outlaw Live Rosin

Hybrid THC 65% - 75% CBD 0% - 5%


Avana Outlaw Live Rosin is a single-input, solventless, full-spectrum extract produced from soil to oil in St. Thomas, Ontario. We hand harvest our sun-grown cannabis plants and immediately freeze them (called Whole Plant Fresh Frozen or WPFF). Trichomes are separated in ice water using a careful agitation process, where we isolate the 90-120u sized heads - the only grade we select for our live rosin. This water hash is gently pressed into rosin through 37u bags. Outlaw's terpene content comes in at nine to 12 per cent, with high levels of caryophyllene, farnesene and limonene. Avana hand packages our rosin in parchment paper to keep prices down and pass the savings on to you. We recommend storing Avana Outlaw Live Rosin in the fridge, and removing it a minimum of 30 minutes before opening to reduce condensation and bring the rosin to its truest representation at room temperature. We recommend dabbing Avana Outlaw Live Rosin between 450-500 degrees F (blue setting on Puffco vaporizers).