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Sativa-Dominant THC 17% - 23% CBD 0% - 0.2%


M'mosa (a strain mix of Purple Punch and Clementine) is a beautiful and buoyant sativa-dominant bud with a strong THC range. M'mosa's rounded, cone-shaped buds look like full evergreen trees with a thick and spongy, medium density feel. The flower colouration consists of a smooth olive-green hue spotted with clusters of muted orange pistils, and dark purple punches come through on the tips. All of these vibrant shapes and colours are covered with a thin layer of trichomes that gives the bud a gorgeous glow. The aroma is all about the citrus -- spraying your senses with a bright, sweet and zesty clementine smell up front, paired with a crisp aftertaste and undertones of herbal woodiness.