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Social Mango Pre-Roll

Sativa-Dominant THC 18% - 22% CBD 0% - 1%


3 x 0.5g
Social was cultivated to help consumers take some well-deserved self-care and connection time. Social (our special genetic of Mango) is a rare sativa-dominant strain with a small amount of CBG. It has a sweet-and-sour and lemon-candy flavour, with a luscious citrus aroma. Social flowers have round, dusty green nuggets, with long thin light amber hairs and a coating of tiny amber crystal trichomes. Terpinolene, c-caryophyllene and ocimene are found in Social's terpene profile. Like all of our dried products, Social is grown indoors, is hand watered, hung to dry, hand sorted and trimmed to help ensure its premium quality, and shipped with a moisture pack inside the jar to maintain and control humidity.