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Natural History

Meat Breath

Indica-Dominant THC 16% - 20% CBD 0% - 3%


Bred by the legendary Michigan breeder Thug Pug, Meat Breath is a combination of a cultivar called Meatloaf of an unknown lineage and Gage Green Genetics Mendo Breath. This Meat Breath cut is stunning to behold and hosts some of the most alluring visual appeal you will see. It presents a tight, dense bud structure dripping with an almost unnaturally thick blanket of trichomes across the flower, beneath which hide colours ranging from dark forest green to indigo and purple. The odour, too, is unique and very pungent, contrasting from spicy pepperoni to savory meat with layers of gas on top. Meat Breath is fully cultivated indoors, in precision-controlled laboratory conditions.