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Krypto Chronic #2

Hybrid THC 20% - 26% CBD 0% - 0.5%


A highly unique and desirable cultivar phenotyped from the Sugarbud genetic library, Krypto Chronic #2 aims to please with its indica lineage of (Alien Cookies crossed with Fruity Pebbles OG) and Jet Fuel Gelato. Medium flower size, dense sugary buds with dark hues of purple, green and orange are coated in greasy, high-density trichomes. A terpinolene-forward cultivar has notes of citrus fruit and creamy fuel with floral undernotes. Hang dried and cold barrel cured for up to 28 days, it's meticulously hand finished and packaged with care into glass jars. We take pride. We take our time. Experience the Difference.