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Strawberry Twist Pre-Roll

Indica-Dominant THC 17% - 22% CBD 0% - 1%


3 x 0.5g
Strawberry Twist (Strawberry Banana) is an indica leaning hybrid with medium to strong THC potency potential. Bred from the Banana OG and Bubble Gum strains, it has a full bodied tropical scent and flavour. Part of the Sundial CALM series, Strawberry Twist's terpene profile is mostly myrcene and caryophyllene, rounded out with smaller concentrations of alpha pinene and humulene. Sundial pre-rolls are made using milled whole flower not only leftover clippings or shake. Our hemp based paper is unbleached, burns consistently from tip to filter and doesn't spoil the flavour. All of our cannabis is grown with care and attention in small batches at our state of the art facility in Alberta.