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Happy Hibiscus Mate THC/CBD Tea Bags

Hybrid THC 10% CBD 20%


4 x pack
TGOD Organic Happy Hibiscus Mate whole leaf infused tea combines the highest-quality organic teas with a consistent and reliable dose of 2.5 mg of THC and 5 mg of CBD from certified organic cannabis. Vibrant in colour and flavour, this cherry-red brew is brisk and lively thanks to brilliant hibiscus and bitter mate, balanced with sweet cacao, orange peel and bright turmeric. It's a robust, wholesome cup that finishes warmly thanks to earthy ashwagandha and ginger. Responsibly sourced, premium ingredients are packed in a recyclable tin containing four premium biodegradable pyramid sachets. Absorption occurs in just 15 minutes with 4.5 times the absorption versus cannabis oil.