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Tunaaaaroom Tropical Tunaaaa Cartridge

Hybrid THC 75% - 85% CBD 0% - 1%


These carts consist of high concentration THC distillate which is a yellow, transparent solvent-free concentrate, obtained by distilling cannabinoids from a high-THC cannabis extract using a short-path distillation process. The distillate is devoid of lipids, waxes, fatty acids, chlorophyll or other undesirable components extracted from the plant. To add flavour to this highly potent THC distillate, we add a terpene blend carefully prepared to mimic the terpene profile present in mango lemonade. The only way to describe this is... PURE MANGO. The plant grows like Gorilla Glue Four. It looks like Tropicana Cookies. The strong aroma of a ripe bag of mangos comes from the three to seven per cent terpene profile. This one-of-a-kind cartridge is one of the Tunaaaa Crew's favourite flavours.